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The End of an Era

Almost exactly one year ago I decided that I was tired of being fat and sad. I was tired of crying in dressing rooms...and in my bedroom...and in the shower...and in the living room...and in my car...and...well, you get the picture. I decided that I was going to start exercising again.

Before I continue what will be a very long (you've been warned) post, let me just mention that I make a lot of assumptions of my readers. I assume that people who read this actually know me in real life and therefore know a few things about me. I assume you all know the following, and if you don't already know, now you will:

I was naturally skinny my entire life until the age of 22.
I'd been relatively active throughout my life even though I lived for a year off of doritos and easy mac.
I've run a half and full marathon.
I went from being around 145lbs to probably 220lbs in the span of roughly 15 months.
I've battled severe depression for a large portion of my life.

I'm sure there are m…

Indianapolis Marathon Relay Race Recap

Team JART bibs ready to goYesterday was the big day for me and my relay team. Of course it was not without incident but I'm happy to say that we all finished our legs and we finished the race!Thursday night I spoke to Jade who informed me she was working on Friday until 10:30 or 11 pm. Cue freakout one. She also informed me that she and her fiance wouldn't be leaving until Saturday morning. Cue freakout two. I immediately became convinced that not only would there be construction resulting in immense amounts of traffic but she would also get a flat tire and then get into a slight fender bender with no injuries but 3 hours worth of waiting for insurance and law enforcement officials. Early Friday morning I got a text from Tiffany that she had been up sick all night and was still planning to come but didn't know if she'd be ready to leave at 2 like we planned. Cue freakout three. An hour or two later Autumn sends me a text saying her stomach is really upset and that she …

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 10K Race Recap

Wow, what a title right? Although I also could have titled it the greatest race of my life. Wanna know why? Yeah I thought you might.

The week leading up to the race wasn't a great one. Stress at work, general grumpiness etc. etc. etc. So I really wasn't expecting much as far as performance but I wanted to get a 10K in really badly before the marathon relay this Saturday so I thought What the hell and signed up. The atmosphere at Komen events is like none other. Pink everywhere and For someone who hates crowds (i.e. ME) there are few things that will lure me to a crowded place. Races just tend to be one of those things. Anyway, there was a great survivors parade and all kinds of booths and music and general funness. What there wasn't plenty of was parking. Which I guess is the norm for an event of this caliber.

Survivors' Parade

Great Ladies I never got the chance to meet...

Seriously packed at the start!
Autumn Alexis, The Colonel and I got in…

A Great Training Week

Last week was (you guessed it) a pretty great training week and for only 2 reasons. The first reason would be my 5.2 mile run on Tuesday. Fleet Feet Sports started a Tin Roof Tuesday running group with a great little 5 mile course.

The last time I ran 5 miles it took around 1:09 (now do you believe me when I say I'm slow?) which I was pretty happy with particularly because I felt great when I finished and hadn't run that distance in quite a while. This run was also with my sister which made it really fun and kept it motivating but I decided to push a bit more than normal. It had been a rough couple of workouts leading up to this one so it was really important to me that I had a good run. I wish it was always as easy as just wanting it to happen. Well when we finished I checked the watch and to my surprise and delight, it said 1:06! To those in the running or any other endurance sport world, shaving 3 minutes off your time for a particular distance (especially when you actually …

Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal!

I know you're all excited and anxiously awaiting another race report. Fear no more, I've got another on the horizon! In approximately 19 days I'll be doing the Indianapolis Marathon relay. I've got a great team aptly named Team JadeAlexisRennayTiffany. If you missed that, it's Team JART. I'll be running the anchor and bringing in the last 7.15 miles. Meaning I should probably run more.

But now to the big reveal. Ladies and gentlemen, I am planning next year's racing season but the problem is that these silly people are taking far too long to post next year's dates! So stay tuned and I will do the big reveal of all of next year's races including my A race! Will it be Lake George? CapTexTri? But wait, what about Tri24? Oh I know the suspense is killing you!