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Ironman Louisville - One Week Later

What a week! Does anyone else feel like this month just flew by? During every day this week I've been dragging and then out of nowhere it was Sunday. But I can't let another moment pass without gushing one last time about Ironman Louisville.

As you may or may not know, this was the last year the race would be held in August and also the last time there would be a pro field. There will definitely be a big difference in the way the race feels next year which is sad but change isn't always bad so we'll just have to see how it plays out.

Two guys from church were racing and a few others I knew so we went all out making signs for them. The night before was really rainy so we had to get up super early to place them along the run course.

This year my sister and I volunteered it up again and worked in T1 and then the bike special needs station up in Buckner. There was a heat advisory all weekend which is pretty normal for August in Louisville but we've had a pretty abnorma…

Personal Training Update

For any local readers, you know that Ironman Louisville was this weekend and are probably expecting me to gush all about it today. I am still gushing and will gush more soon but first a quick bit about that personal training thing.

I haven't posted much about the journey to certification and if you're interested in that feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message and I'd be glad to fill you in. I've been certified for about a month now and haven't trained a single client for good reason. Now that I'm certified, insured and have an accountant I am accepting clients for online personal training! I've already got clients getting set up but wanted to remind you all that online training is a great option you might want to look into, whether or not you train with me. I'll be back shortly with some guidelines for choosing a trainer/coach but in the meantime I'm running a little bit of a special so that everybody wins.

From now until the end of the y…

Iron Week Fun - Night with the Pros

It's been busy busy around these parts lately so I apologize for being a bit sporadic. Of course there are tons of life happenings but none of those things matter right now because it's IRON WEEK in Louisville and this is the biggest week of my life. Seriously. For no real reason other than excessive fangirling.

It's no surprise that I'm thoroughly obsessed with fit people and when Ironman Louisville comes to town my composure runeth over and I geek out to an extraordinary level. Last night began the festivities with a Night with the Pros event hosted at PCUSA with Angels in Disguise and Sweaty Sheep Ministries (which also happens to be my church). 5 pro triathletes showed up to do a fun Q & A and tell us more about themselves and it was an absolute blast! My only negative from the night is that I wore a shirt that does NOT photograph well but I don't even care because I was in the presence of greatness!
My lovely husband decided to accompany me to one of these…

No Need for Speed

Until maybe 9 hours ago I was never really interested in getting faster. My "racing" goals have always just been survival. Occasionally I have secret time ideas in my head but I never really name a specific goal for various reasons. Let me just say, survival is always a valid goal. But somehow I tend to find myself repeatedly ever so slightly disappointed in my performances. I always say I never want to race to exhaustion. I don't want to be the person crawling and puking at the finish line. I want my pictures to be triumphant and as Carrie Bradshaw once said, "impossibly fresh looking". That's not entirely true, I actually think I look my best all sweaty and a little roughed up. The triumphant part was true though. 
Anyway, after my longest long run ever last week outside of a race (18 miles! Boom.) I felt awesome. I'd figured out my nutrition and hydration, kept an embarrassingly slow pace so I didn't die in the heat and humidity and finished feeli…

2014 Ohio River Open Water Swim Recap

Remember that time I swam in the river and had a panic attack and had to sing It's a Small World over and over while a kayaker looked on and pitied me? No? Read about that here.

Anyway, I tried it again yesterday and thankfully did much better! I don't panic in open water anymore (hallelujah!) so I already had a huge advantage over the last time. The swim wasn't until 9:15 so The Colonel and I just woke up like we normally do for work which was a nice change over the normal before dawn wake up calls. Unfortunately we woke up to rain which was going to continue throughout the morning. I've never swam or raced a tri in the rain so this was new territory but I just pretended it was a run and reminded myself that weather is always something we just have to put up with. We got to the site and saw a couple from church I'm trying to court into friendship with us so it was fun getting to chat with them. The husband will be an Ironman in a few weeks so definitely a little o…

The Big Reveal!

It's been quiet around here lately huh? Well it's for good reason.

I've had a lot going on lately because I started my new desk job until I can make enough green through personal training. So far I like it a lot and it's only part time so I have time before 8 am and after 2:30 pm to do as I please and it's database work so not the kind of stuff you bring home with you.

So what have I been doing with my time away from blogging? Besides running. Setting up my new online personal training business! What! What on earth is online personal training? Don't trainers have to squat next to you and scream at you and drink your tears? No, we actually don't. There are a few reasons I chose to go the online route right now and a few key benefits I like to point out to people. First, it saves me a lot of time and time is money. By not driving all over creation to train people at different locations or paying gym use rental fees and additional insurance premiums I save mys…