Thursday, August 21, 2014

Iron Week Fun - Night with the Pros

It's been busy busy around these parts lately so I apologize for being a bit sporadic. Of course there are tons of life happenings but none of those things matter right now because it's IRON WEEK in Louisville and this is the biggest week of my life. Seriously. For no real reason other than excessive fangirling.

It's no surprise that I'm thoroughly obsessed with fit people and when Ironman Louisville comes to town my composure runeth over and I geek out to an extraordinary level. Last night began the festivities with a Night with the Pros event hosted at PCUSA with Angels in Disguise and Sweaty Sheep Ministries (which also happens to be my church). 5 pro triathletes showed up to do a fun Q & A and tell us more about themselves and it was an absolute blast! My only negative from the night is that I wore a shirt that does NOT photograph well but I don't even care because I was in the presence of greatness!
L to R: Mike Hermanson, Guy Crawford, Kate Bevilaqua, Chris McDonald, Patrick Evoe
My lovely husband decided to accompany me to one of these things and was about to truly experience my geekdom firsthand. Since he's not an endurance athlete the first question, "How do you guys go all day without pooping?" really caught him off guard. Of course in triathlete world that's a valid question. How DO they go 8+ hours without pooping? According to the panel, no solid foods during the race, overall cutback on fiber in the days leading to the race, and plenty of pooping beforehand.

We got to hear some fun personal tidbits about them all too and learned the 2 Americans (Mike and Patrick) are both from Michigan, Guy is adopted, Kate used to be a P.E. teacher, (Guy and Kate met at a friend's wedding in Vegas) and I finally learned the origins of Chris McDonald's "Big Sexy" nickname. I also used the more outgoing personality traits of fellow audience members to snap some pictures with all of them so I could revel in the moment for years to come.

My almost coach Mike Hermanson
2012 Ironman Louisville Champ Patrick Evoe
Men's Defending Ironman Louisville Champion Chris McDonald
Women's Defending Ironman Louisville Champion Kate Bevilaqua
Quite possibly the funniest and most entertaining of them all Guy Crawford
I don't think I made a total fool of myself meeting them but it's very possible since I was delirious. I do remember possibly offending Kate when I stood next to her and proclaimed "You're not as tiny as I thought you'd be!" She laughed and said "I'm not! I'm normal sized!" But thinking back that was possibly a faux pas. I was just expecting her to be like 4'8" or fit in my pocket but turns out I only have a couple inches on her. So, sorry Kate!

I'm trying to contain myself and not go to the Ironman Village until the weekend but we'll see how that goes. Happy Iron Week everybody!

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  1. I would be so geeked out myself being there!!!!