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Speed Demon!

Remember when I said I was old because I drive slowly now? Well I had another old moment last night at the track because I realized it had been over 10 years since I ran track! Where did the time and my skinny little frame go?

Wait, wait, a track?! Yes my friends, I have completed my very first Track Tuesday speed workout! Yesterday I was considering doing a BRICK with our local triathlon club in an effort to be more social and start getting my feet wet over this whole 70.3 thing I'm on right now. Don't worry, we'll get to that in a second. They were going at 5 and I ended up not being able to make it which was disappointing. Luckily I saw on Facebook that one of our local running stores was holding speed workouts at a high school track at 7 pm which worked a lot better plus made it a little cooler out. Turns out the track is only a mile from the new house! How perfect, right? So I jogged the mile to the track and nervous as all get out made my way over to the group. The s…

Ironman Louisville 2013

Well my friends, I am suffering from a serious Ironman hangover! A wise person once said the Ironman is like Christmas but the days after are like a New Year's hangover and truer words have never been spoken. Although I didn't race (um, duh) I still managed to keep busy all weekend.

Saturday morning Autumn and I got up for a 14 mile run at 6:30 and it was largely uneventful until the end. We tried a new hydration product we got at the Ironman Expo called zipfizz. Jury is still out on it but I may do a little product review after this week's training. The last 3 miles started to get tough and something about passing up that 13.1 mark hurts a lot. But it wasn't until the last half mile that I wanted to lay down and cry. Oddly enough, I never ended up terribly sore from that run and actually felt recovered pretty quickly afterwards. Funny how proper (ish) training works.

Anyway, after the run I took The Colonel to pick up the moving truck so he and his friend could at lea…

Friday Free for All

Since completing the Peru recap my head has literally been swimming with blog ideas. Every thought I have becomes "That would make a great blog!" As you can see, they have yet to actually materialize. So here is a bullet list of those thoughts in hopes that at least some of them may go somewhere but at the very least, they'll GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
My current priority list consists of having a place to live and being able to afford it. What does that mean? Moving and work. I doubt I've mentioned it but I am currently moving out of my apartment into a significantly larger house in the prestigious South Louisville neighborhood. Google it and you'll be really jealous. What that means though is that every spare moment when I'm not at work (to afford the place to live) I am packing or moving things to the new place. It's fun-ish and I'm glad to have the house and the time we have to move everything but the split household is starting to get a little dicey.

Vegetarian in Peru: A Love Story...Part Five

Let's play the honest game for just a second. I'm tired of writing this recap. At first I thought it would be a great way for me to be able to share my experiences in Peru with the whole wide world but as I've been writing and thinking about writing I've realized that there aren't enough words to actually capture what it was like. Just like I keep saying the pictures don't do the views justice, neither do my poorly worded musings. I would also like to write about eating and marathoning more because things are starting to get interesting in the world of the monster. That said, here is the grand finale. Grab a drink and a comfy seat because you're in for a long one my friends.

After sitting in a pool of tepid water with 20 of my closest Peruvian friends and a pretty baller faux Bachelorette Party I took a very hot shower and headed to bed. The next morning we were back on the train to Ollantaytambo to get the rest of our luggage before taking the bus back to …

Vegetarian in Peru: A Love Story...Part Four

Another ridiculously early wake up call to board the train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. The trains are a cross between an Amtrak and a subway so they're comfortable but designed more as commuter trains and don't hold much luggage. We were allowed to leave our bags at the hotel in Ollantaytambo and all brought a backpack only with us for the overnight and Machu Picchu. It took some creative packing but we made it work with basically some extra socks and underwear, a jacket, bug spray and like 20 water bottles. The train ride was freezing but absolutely beautiful. I put on some chill music and glued myself to the window for the hour-ish ride. Once again, no picture could really do the view justice.

We got off the train in Aguas Calientes which is a really cute little town! We walked *all uphill* to the hotel and dropped off our stuff before heading out to the bus to Machu Picchu. After bathing in bug spray and lathering up on sunscreen we were ready to go. The buses we…