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The Iron-Baby

Hey there!

How are things?

Hangover Classic 10 miler complete with my sister this morning! It was cold but the sun was beautiful, the route was right on the river and I like the cold anyway so it was perfect! Last year I did the 5k recovering from a femoral stress fracture and this year all 10 pain free! #happynewyear #2015 #roadtoironman #futureironman @ponyabands #sweatysheep A photo posted by Rennay Cooke Marshall (@rnay225) on Jan 1, 2015 at 2:59pm PST
I've just been swimming and biking and running and eating and stretching and getting strong. Or at least trying. The great Swim Bike Mom wrote about the similarities between Ironman (9 months of training) and childbirth (9 months of, you go into labor/race day and it's almost total misery especially towards the very end but then the moment of glory comes and you have a tiny (or huge) little (or big) baby (or medal) that makes you forget everything you just went through. that accurate? I hope so. …

We Got the Beat

I love trivia. I'm not necessarily great at it but I love learning random bits of information and then regurgitating them in somewhat relevant situations.

Yesterday I got my Commit to Fit crew in on the action and asked them a little question about running just to test their skillz.
Trivia time!
Do you know what cadence is in reference to running? Your cadence is the number of times your foot hits the ground in a minute. So, what do studies say is the most efficient cadence for running? (Answers are for the number of times 1 foot hits the ground, double it for both feet)
I tend to think that everybody is exactly like me for some reason and spends their time reading about biomechanics, kinesiology and watching videos about running cadence. Apparently not. Wonder why...

Anyway, I was excited to drop a knowledge bomb since I so rarely get to do so and especially because it gave me an excuse to include a video of Meb.

And the answer is..... A! Many experts of biomechanics have determined…

Radio Silence


I apologize if we experience some radio silence here coming up. I've had a few people ask me to write about my new coach, Ironman training and general life-isms but to be honest, I'm just not in a good place right now. My mind isn't where it needs to be to write fun and engaging posts and instead of trying and coming up with a bunch of awkward jokes at my own expense, I might just take the vow of silence. If you have nothing nice to say right?

I've written before about my struggles with depression and it's unfortunately not something that just goes away. You don't need to worry, I'm not in any danger, I'm not falling down the rabbit hole and in general I'm doing really well, but I'm not in my happy place and that's something I'll just have to accept for right now and know that it will improve.

One of my main goals when signing up for Ironman and partnering with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance throughout my training was to…

Best Tweets of December

Last night I had a dream I was #livetweeting about shopping for bras in a department store. Seemed like something @erin_sheehy would do.
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) December 2, 2014
Heard a #grocery store ad boasting a larger #nutrition section. Um..isn't #food already nutrition? #deepthoughts#foodmarketing#foodmatters
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) December 5, 2014
*sniffs* Well it doesn't smell that bad *throws into duffle bag* #triathleteproblems#triathletehygeine#chlorinefixeseverything
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) December 11, 2014
Thinking of skipping a #raceday because I'd rather run for free. Who am I? #runnerproblems#runchat#vegrunchat#runforfree
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) December 20, 2014
Happy Festivus my friends! #FestivusForTheRestOfUs#AiringOfGrievances#FeatsOfStrength@SeinfeldTV
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) December 23, 2014
Me: Ow! Got a stabbing pain in my side! @TylerMarshall23: Must be this knife in my hand #marriedlife#snapped#nolifeinsurance
— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay2…