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Stage Mom

I started writing this on Thursday...please excuse the delay in posting :)

It's 11:27pm on a Thursday and I'm not in bed. Instead I'm in horrendous traffic, freezing cold and riding back from Indianapolis. Today I played stage mom. Only not really.

As you know, I went through a long period of racing a LOT. Weekend after weekend all spring and summer long. And who is always by my side, carrying bags, finding parking, juggling water bottles and generally containing my crazy? The Colonel of course! So now it's my turn. Part of my retirement which is still in full force (well partial force) is to be more supportive of the people in my life who have always been so supportive of me in my endeavors. This means watching more and to some degree doing less. 
Tonight The Colonel had his first Golden Gloves amateur boxing match! It was something he's always wanted to do and this year got serious about it. He's been training like crazy, eating like crazy and most importantl…