Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Stuff

Are you all tired of reading New Years posts yet? Great! Here's another, but a short one. As my facebook status says (and yes, I speak in 3rd person):

"has had such a great year without even realizing it. She has been able to rekindle her love of running and exercise, complete a triathlon, be accepted into graduate school, rescue animals, remain true to herself and LOSE 36 POUNDS! All while sharing in these experiences with her fantastic family, amazing boyfriend, a few loyal friends and sweet furbabies. Here's to 2012 and ringing in 2013. May yours be full of health, happiness, fun and life :)"

That pretty much sums it up. As you may notice, I did not reach the goal mentioned in this post. I did not lose 40 pounds this year. I'm disappointed but I'm mostly proud that I was still able to lose 36! If you round up that's totally 40. Aside from that, this year has been great...and on second thought, even missing that goal has been pretty great. As you know, I started using Daily Mile back in May and from May-today was able to log 503 miles which I think is pretty nice.

On a side note, I started training for my olympic distance tri today! I'm using a 20 week plan from Beginner Triathlete and also a Zero to 1650 plan to help me swim at my best. I never did much technical training when I started swimming and that was primarily because 500m didn't seem all that scary. However, 1500m is much more significant. I just did Day 1 today and already had to adjust. I swam the 700 but didn't do my 48 minute ride. Tomorrow I'm doing the Hangover Classic 10 miler and thought it'd be best not to start it on tired legs.

So Happy New Year everyone! Congratulations on your feats, Condolences on any downfalls and Confidence that you'll do bigger and better things this year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to the VIV Sister!

Happiest of Birthdays to my very special, very AMAZING sister Alexis/Autumn! She is by far my most favorite person and best friend and she has done so much in her 20 something years! I'm incredibly proud to be her sister everyday and look forward to many more workouts, gluten-free/dairy-free/egg-free desserts, lazy days, bad DVR'd tv show afternoons and of course RACES!



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow and Christmas (Which did NOT go together this year)

I'm a little grumpy today. For those of you who may not know, I LOVE SNOW. I love winter. I love the cold. I love sweaters, hot drinks and space heaters. I love warm fluffy socks. I sometimes love that it gets dark earlier so I feel no guilt for getting ready for bed before 9 pm. I love the months October-March because they're supposed to be cold and snowy. The past few years, that has not happened. If this is not a sign of global warming, what is? I'm grumpy today because of this:


I live in Louisville (duh) and as you can see, right on the line where the snow stops. WTF?! I want snow damn it! It's December! It's actually cold. So why is it still raining?! Even my winter-hating-nemeses agree that if it's going to be cold it might as well snow, or at least, might as well NOT rain. Nothing worse than cold rain. Guess what's happening outside? On the bright side, I am in the midst of planning my big SNOWBOARDING TRIP to Paoli Peaks! I'm also hoping to make it up to Perfect North Slopes at least once this year. I used to always say that if I were ever on MTV's Made I'd want to learn to snowboard. Well I wasn't on Made last year but I still learned to snowboard and absolutely loved it. I fell a lot, I was incredibly sore, it was wet and slushy because it was nearly 50 degrees (it never really got cold last year either) but I loved it. The Colonel prefers skiing which I also like but snowboarding makes me feel significantly more badass. Not sure why. Might be the lack of poles. Anyhow, luckily for me it does in fact snow in Indiana so the peaks and slopes currently look something like this:


Paoli Peaks (from their Facebook page)


Perfect North Slopes (from their Facebook page)

Enough of my well-off person complaints. How was your Christmas? If not Christmas, day off work? If not your day off work, how was work? I had probably the best Christmas in years because for once I knew what I wanted, was able to articulate it and in turn got what I asked for! I'm so excited and thankful to have new training gear, clothes that fit, a great new Live Veg bumper sticker and a family to share it with. Couldn't be happier! All of my kiddos also got gifts of course which Armani has destroyed, Chloe has ignored and TJ is afraid of. Silly kids. Enjoy the photos and enjoy the rest of your week!

P.S. - Did I mention I did my 8 mile long run last Saturday in 1:33:57?! Never thought I'd see the day that I could hold a pace under 12 min/mi for a distance like 8 miles. Hooray!

ImageImageMy very first apple pie!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Thoughts

So just in case the world ends I thought I'd share some final thoughts know...the world and living in it.

  • I think that if the world ends, we deserve it. I'm a tree hugging, environmentalist, go green, recycling, vegetarian. I think the state our planet is in and is going into is despicable and I think it's due to our own apathy and greed. The Earth is like our body and you get out what you put in. We can't continue to contribute nothing to the Earth and expect to keep reaping the same benefits. I hope that if (when) the world doesn't end we get another chance to do things right.
  • On a more selfish note, I hope the world doesn't end before I get a chance to lose 40 pounds of an eventual 60+. I'm a little off track right now for a variety of reasons and I hope I get more time to work it out.
  • If we do all explode or get engulfed in liquid hot magma, I hope we'll get to be reborn or at least pick up where we left off sort of. Looking back, I've made a lot of accomplishments in my life and don't really want to have to Lance Armstrong them all or start all over. (Lance Armstrong joke...too soon?)
  • Wouldn't it be kind of cool if everything was covered and preserved like Pompeii and we all got out just in time and then came back years later to uncover it all? Kind of like a time capsule? And then we could study the ruins of Old Earth to figure out how to keep New Earth fresh and new? You know it would be cool. We all want to be archaeologists.
  • This is a really uninspired post which is sad since it might be my last one ever. But I feel a little like I'm forcing myself into writing it as a just in case. Do you think New Earth will have internet? Don't we weigh less in space? I could enjoy that. What about the animals? Would they have little snow globe head helmets like us? Would we still have sunlight? Most pictures from space look really dark. Do space pics have better quality at night? Would we have to run with thrusters on so we wouldn't float? Or would anti-gravity sports become the norm? In that case would people be afraid of the ground instead of heights? You know, since we'd all be floating/flying around. I just wouldn't want to get all flabby if our muscles atrophied.

What about you? Any final thoughts for astronauts who uncover this stuff in a million years?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not the First Time...or the Last

So once again my friends I've sustained a minor injury. Although my last injury of note was back in July about 5 weeks from my tri, I still feel like I'm injured a lot. I'm not. I'm actually very rarely injured enough to stop exercising for more than a day. My plantar fasciitis has been acting up again and since it's particularly terrible in my right foot, my right ankle has been having some residual issues. I think what happens is when I'm running, to avoid the plantar fasciitis I roll my foot out a little bit which has stressed the outside of my right ankle. Don't be alarmed! I tried to run Thursday after work but it was a lost cause so I'm resting until Monday. I also have acupuncture Monday so that will definitely be refreshing. I am however depressed by my lack of exercise but that's just how it goes. I have been able to spend some QT with my pup, blankets, couch and pillows though today and that's always worth it.

ImageThis is my mean cat. She's been very nice as long as I'm in bed and don't move.

ImagePlease disregard my excessively messy home. I'm injured.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kaliwood Meets the Ville

ImageIf you aren't reading the musings of Kaliwood I suggest you go there right now. Far more fashionable than I can dream to be, it'll give you some tips on feminism and how to live your life outside of swimmingbikingrunning. You know, how to live in real life. If you're wondering why this shameless plug has been inserted, it's because on Tuesday I got to have dinner with this lovely lady who I have known since I was 18, naturally skinny, very mildly fashionable, and if you can believe it, a party animal. Even though we have a lot of differences, we are scarily similar when it comes to the important stuff like our careers and our lack of urgency when it comes to marriage.


So again you ask, why do I care? You might not. But following in the footsteps of the Discom-BOB-ulated runner I thought I'd mention a little of what I'm thankful for this Thursday. I'm thankful for my favorite people. If we're being honest, I only have a small handful of favorite people. People are ok, but it takes a special one to be one of the favorites. I'm not an easy person to befriend and more so, I'm not terribly social so when one of the faves happens to live 70+ miles away the best I can muster is an occasional text, a quick facebook chat during the workday and when and only when the stars align, a dinner. I am thankful to have friends I feel like I can press pause with and no matter how long I leave it, I can always press play and pick things back up with. I'm thankful to have friends I haven't seen in years but am able to talk to and stay connected with through the internet (what?! the internet isn't the devil?!). I'm thankful to have friends who were merely acquaintances years ago but through some fantastic twist of fate we have found each other through a common goal. Yes, Team Awesome Jess, I'm talking about you. I'm thankful to finally have my sister back and living in the same town as me! I'm also thankful to now be just a bit older and able to recognize that the best friends aren't the ones who are nearby or the ones you see everyday. In my case, they're my pause pals. So now I will leave you with pics from the past. Appreciate your friends today and everyday!








Sunday, December 9, 2012

Doing the Right Thing

Inspired by this Swim Bike Mom post, this will be an intense and possibly strongly worded a slight rant regarding my feelings on (you guessed it) doing the right thing. If you are easily offended, please just close this window and wait patiently for the next happy post.

I'm a rule follower. I always have been. That doesn't mean I don't question rules and authority sometimes but as a whole, I understand and respect the need for rules in society and in life. This way of thinking and living doesn't always make me a lot of friends but I don't care much about that. One downside, and there are many, of being a rule follower is that we find ourselves more often than not in the minority. Rarely is the rule follower applauded for doing the right thing, rarely are we the cause of accidents yet perhaps too often we are chastised when those who are being careless or just not paying attention are hurt by our doing the right thing. There's a quote that goes "Well behaved women rarely make history." and thought I appreciate it, it has always bothered me a little bit. Why not? Why can't we respectfully challenge convention instead of being loud and out of line and more so, misbehaving? When you do the right thing as a kid you're called names and teased by classmates but often acknowledged by teachers and adults. Why does that change as you get older?

Here's the thing, the lovely Swim Bike Mom was in a bike accident caused by someone else's carelessness and as someone who is seriously training for her Ironman and has faced training setbacks in the past, she's rightfully angry at the rider she hit for making a u-turn in the middle of the road without any warning after SBM had called out an "on your left". She feels bad for losing her cool and I feel bad that people who follow proper etiquette are made to feel bad for getting angry at others who can't follow instructions. My biggest flaw is that I'm inflexible. I like to set routines and have a strong sense of right and wrong. I don't have a high tolerance for mistakes or accidents. I have high expectations for others and even higher ones for myself. I know it's a bad trait and I'm working on it. But I'm not sure that it'll ever go away and quite frankly, I don't want it to. I like following rules and I (for the most part) think people who don't should have consequences. If that makes me wrong, so be it. It shouldn't be of any concern since it'll be a lot harder for us rule followers to "get ahead" in life anyway. But please don't berate us for how we choose to live. We're not "sheep" for following rules, we're not just "going along" with things, we're trying to do the best we can with the way things are and I'll be damned if I applaud someone for their bad behavior. In the case of SBM, she's allowed to be as angry as she wants. Just like someone who is in a car accident at an intersection because someone didn't know or didn't follow the rules. If a person is hit by a car, the car is always wrong, even if the person crossed against the light. If my bigger dog who is on a leash attacks a smaller dog who is off leash and running at her, my dog is wrong because she's bigger (true story, although she doesn't attack because I'm a responsible owner and she's a nice dog). If someone throws a tantrum, they get their way. How many of us have done something for someone "just to shut them up?" I know I have, and I've done it a lot. And all that does is reward bad behavior. (geez, I sound like somebody's mother.)

There are exceptions to the rule of course. But that's the way with everything. I may read this post again in 2 years and cringe at how naive and ridiculous I was but for now, this is the 24 year old point of view. Not all rules deserve to be followed but how about changing them so they aren't broken. Agreed?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Big News

Not sure if you remember this post where I briefly previewed some life changing news I was waiting on. Well the decision was handed down and I'm super excited to announce that I will be going to graduate school! I'll be going back to the University of Louisville as a graduate student in the department of anthropology and will be starting in January. Not yet sure what this means for triathlons except that I'll still be doing them, but maybe not much faster than before. SBR is still my preferred form of exercise so it'll be no problem to keep it up, there are just some unknowns still on the scheduling end. Regardless, I'm really excited for this opportunity and I'm sure you'll all be hearing more about it for the next oh I don't know...3 years.

On a side note, this crazy weather has really been messing with my allergies so I'm not getting much sleep since I can't really breathe. I'm running a lot and cross training so being tired is no issue but staying asleep has been a little tough. Not sure what's going on but I hope it fixes itself. I've been neglecting you! Here are some parting photos from the past few days.