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It's Thanksgiving Time!

It's probably no surprise that I don't like Thanksgiving. all....

BUT like a good little 'Murican I celebrate with the best of em and contrary to popular belief, I also eat. Not a lot. But I do eat. Last year we went meat free which was awesomely impressive, particularly for my carnivorous and not at all interested in changing her ways mother. This year I'm not so lucky but that's ok.

The menu is planned, at least on my part and a big thanks to GreenBEAN Delivery for helping me with that part. Basically what happened is this. We usually get our bin on Tuesdays but the holiday changed the schedule so we got it Monday. With a Tuesday delivery I have until Monday afternoon to "customize" my bin, meaning replacing things I might not like for whatever I want. Well since everything shifted up a day I missed my chance to customize and ended up with what they gave me. Well done GreenBEAN because we hit a nice little Thanksgiving jackpot! Yams, Cranberri…

Shutting it Down

I came here to write my very last blog post.

This will  not be my last blog post, but I did have a bad moment an hour ago.

Allow me to explain.

Do you remember this post when I explained the ever-present inferiority complex I often find myself battling? Well it's been rearing its head more and more often lately and I'm blaming the stress fracture (which is hurting less and less each day! hooray!). Today was a bad moment. After spending most of my afternoon watching Ironman videos and putting a mere 20 minutes in on the bike I was feeling down. I've been obsessing over Ironman Louisville for the past couple of weeks which you likely know if we're friends IRL. For some reason it crept into my brain that I should go for it in 2014 instead of my original plan of 2016...which turned into 2015.

Long story short, I've asked my lovely friends and family repeatedly to talk me out of it. Tell me why I shouldn't do the Ironman! I even googled it. Nothing s…

Updates on the Leg

I'm sure you're all wondering how my leg is doing and my food issues and whether or not I'm still alive. I'm happy to clear it all up for you! I am in fact, alive. I have missed blogging but with the no running thing I'm low on material.
I've done some "aqua jogging" exactly twice so far and it's not as bad as it seems. It's only mildly terrible. Although I've only done it for 30 minutes each time. If I decide to get an hour or so in, things might be different. So far it's been a combo of swimming and then running since I've yet to allow myself more than an hour at a time at the pool. I know, I'm super lazy during the "off season". I'm going to try cycling this weekend or next week. I'm allowed to do whatever doesn't hurt so we'll give it a try and see. Before I knew I had the stress fracture I rode my bike a lot in place of running because it didn't hurt so I'm going to give it a whirl again. …

The Verdict

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (yes, I've just learned how to use instagram and twitter) then you pretty much already know what the verdict is. Turns out that mysterious pain in my leg I've been complaining about yet ignoring for months is a femoral stress fracture. What does that mean? No weight bearing for 6 weeks (December 23rd) which means crutches and no running, walking or cycling.

Now that I've had time to digest the news I'd say I'm doing ok. Probably slightly under par. I am doing the stay positive thing and as much positive self talk as I can stomach and for the most part it's ok. I smile and am overly chipper throughout the day to keep the spirits up but by nighttime it all sort of rolls in and I just wanna stomp my feet and cry. I don't stomp, since that would just make things worse but I do sometimes get all teary and huffy and witchy.

Let's do a brief recap. Last Monday I had the initial appointment with the ortho and was schedul…

Food Issues and the Female Athlete Triad

This is a post that I've written and re-written, started and re-started about a hundred times but I think the recent developments in my injured status have sort of brought things to light and I feel like now is as good a time as ever to open up just a bit on this blog with something personal and probably something that effects more people than would like to admit it.

I can't say that I have or have ever had an eating disorder but I can confidently say that I have had and may still have a pattern of disordered eating. For anyone who isn't familiar with the term, there are a billion different definitions of who a "disordered eater" is but for my purposes I refer to myself as such because I do not eat like I would say a "normal" person does. It has nothing to do with being a vegetarian and it's not that I just don't eat. I also don't binge eat or have an obsession with healthy eating known as orthorexia. But I can't deny that I don't li…

The Possible Stress Fracture Heard Around the World

I knew it was only a matter of time really before a big one hit but hopefully it's not as big as I'm afraid it will be.

Since I'm now an insured individual and the marathon is over I decided it was finally time to visit the ortho doc about this stupid leg pain. It's only been 2 months right? ...or 3... But I want to be in tip top shape before Raleigh so I made an appointment to get checked out. An hour and twenty minutes after my appointment time I was taken back to the little waiting room and threw on my pair of shorts I put in my purse so I wouldn't have to wear their terrible paper ones. I should've taken a picture. Work top and sweater with some gray short shorts. Hot stuff.

Dr. Smith came in (who I apparently saw in 2009 about my IT band after my first half) and was all sports analogies charismatic fit doctor I-won't-call-you-sweetheart-again-after-that-look-you-gave-me-but-I'll-still-call-you-things-like-champ-and-hotshot. He's actually a cool…