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So Much for the Mommy Gene...

I just re-posted this on facebook because it is completely accurate in my brain. much for that Mommy gene...

The Mommy Gene

First of all, I just did my measurements and am down 4 1/2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my thighs and an inch from my arms. One of my fave bloggers, Swim Bike Mom tends to discuss her "butt pudding". I have arm pudding which basically means, I have fat arms. I hate my fat arms. I'm pumped to be making progress. Unfortunately I'm a terrible weight loser and forget to record minute details like the date of said measurements. I guess it doesn't really matter how long it's taken to make that kind of progress, only that I'm making progress right?

But now, back to the point. I apparently have a Mommy Gene. I know this because it was confirmed by a real live Mommy today. Last night I came home from work and almost gagged because of the smell. I assumed this meant my dog had had an oopsie in her crate. I walked over there and the smell was certainly strong but there didn't seem to be anything in the crate. Long story short, over the next hour she ended …

Um, Winning!

I've scored a couple of major wins lately. Not sure why I haven't been sharing them! There has been a bit of turmoil in my real life and I'm hoping to have a life changing (sounds dramatic, but it's true!) decision handed down by the end of this week so that will relieve some stress and tension regardless of the outcome.

But anyway, back to winning.

First of all, my workouts have been on point this whole month. I mean, consistent yet varying the actual activity which has bad me feel Bad. Ass. There has been a lot of running, a lot more than usual but that's all thanks to that little Half Marathon coming up. And thanks to acupuncture I'm actually running relatively pain free! I'm not cured by any means but the improvement is incredible which also may be due to the weight training and variety but who can really tell for sure?

Next, I only need to lose 4-5 more lbs by the end of the year to reach my amended goal! I don't know if I ever officially announced my…

Scrooge is a 24 Year Old Woman

Let's play the honest game. Honestly, I don't like holidays. The only thing I like about holidays is that I don't have to work. I am a creature of habit and my biggest flaw is likely that I'm inflexible.  I really don't like anything that disrupts my routine and holidays are the biggest disrupters of all! There's no mail, stores are closed, my eating schedule is altered, sometimes the gym is closed, sometimes the outdoor running paths are busy, I decide to take naps. In general, things get weird. It's also safe to say that I have food issues. Not like eating disorder issues, just general issues. First of all, I don't eat meat (obviously) so days when we celebrate the mass slaughter of indigenous peoples with the mass slaughter of genetically altered turkeys aren't really my idea of fun. Secondly, I don't like to overeat. Especially not now that I've gotten things under control more with my weight more or less. Something about holidays encour…

It's Been a Weekend?

I think today was my weekend. But it went by too fast for me to recognize it. For those of you who may not know (I make a lot of assumptions of my 5 ish readers) I work on Sundays which means that I don't get 2 day weekends. Pretty much ever. Thus, my weekend consists of Saturday and I also get Mondays off but that doesn't count as a weekend to me.

Anyway, on Friday I went to acupuncture for the first time for my shin splints and plantar fasciitis. I left work a bit early and rolled up to Meridian Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. I'm a big believer in herbal, natural and holistic healing techniques ever since I met with Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Jo Matson earlier this year. She helped me turn tea and honey into a full on allergy cure which is amazing to me. But back to the point. I didn't really know what to expect but my shins and feet have been bothering me for so long that I was really to the point where I just wanted to feel better. I was so far gone that I even…

An Ode to the Ninja

It's been a rough week. But the one thing that has done more than anything else to help me through it has been my dear Ninja Master Prep Pro System. Here's a quick photo tour through my morning smoothie preparation.

Part One of a successful base, Kale

Part Two of a successful base, Spinach

You're also going to need help

Lots of wiggly help...

Insert frozen berries...not the best but better than nothing

For consistency...

What ended up being too much honey...

Work it Ninja!

Ta Da! I blended a bit more after this but look how great it is!
On an even better note, this morning I strayed from the berry smoothie and did a fresh pineapple and pink lady apple blend. Ah. May. Zing! In yesterday's Green Bean bin I got a big ol', ripe, delicious, fresh pineapple! This morning I "ran" downstairs like a kid on Christmas to slice my pineapple. It was heavenly.

I'm lucky at least some of it made it into a bowl!
What's your favorite thing in your kitchen?

A Break from the Grind

I'm still training for things. I just signed up for the grossly overpriced but totally worth it Disney Princess Half Marathon. It's going fine. That's not what this post is about.

In addition to being a workout warrior (sometimes) and triathlete wannabe I'm actually also a person. A human if you will. Some people find this blog self centered. Some people think I don't care about anything other than myself and my training. Those people aren't wrong. But they also aren't right. I am an extremely loyal friend and that has gotten me burned many times since it leads me to expect the same loyalty in return. Every single one of us is self centered. We're supposed to be, we're designed that way. If you don't care about you, who will? But there's also a human component that is mandatory in creating and building relationships. A component that gets lost easily when people are my age and trying to find their own identity. We are all trying to find our w…

Louisville Pure Tap 5k Race Report *My First Top Ten!*

I know what you're thinking. You thought race season was over. So did I. But a $20 5k that last year just so happened to be my first race in nearly 2 years had other plans. Here's a couple of things you need to know...

Today is my first day off since last Saturday which means I worked a 6 day work week.
I also logged somewhere around 60 hours of work this week that was highly concentrated on one day.
Prior to this race I'd logged about 37 training miles (almost all on the bike so don't get all excited)
Friday night before the race (granted, "only" a 5k) I slept for less than 6 hours.
I recognize none of this is particularly extraordinary but for me, it's a big deal.

So, back to the point. I woke up feeling completely terrible and seriously considering just eating the $20 and going back to bed. But this was going to count as my workout for the day which I wanted to do anyway so I decided to suck it up. Actually, that's a lie. I was going to go back to sleep …