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Vietnam Kitchen

I don't feel that I've taken true advantage of my Vegetarian in the Ville name so I did a little recon over the weekend to bring you a fun new (to me) little vegetarian friendly restaurant right here in Louisville.

Vietnam Kitchen is a little restaurant located in the South End and is apparently kind of a big deal. What can I say? I don't get out much. But we were being spontaneous and adventurous so we hopped in the car, pulled up the map app and typed in Thai food. Nothing withing 5 minutes. So we switched to Vietnamese. The first restaurant we got to was closed. The app said they closed at 9 but it was actually 8. Which in real time meant they locked the doors at 10 till. Alright. Back in the car for the next closest place.

It was a cool little place and had two very important attributes that make it a new staple in my diet.

A full page of vegetarian dishes (talk about overwhelming)

And ginger ale...because I'm 60. At least.

I started with the most obvious item on t…