Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rodes City Run 10K Race Report

Welcome to another installment of Racing with Rennay! Yesterday was the second leg of the Triple Crown and just happened to be my second favorite race distance. I seem to have an affinity towards the number 10 because 10 miles is my most perfect race distance followed by a 10K. Anyhow, yesterday was the Rodes 10K and it was quite cold. Not as cold as I was expecting since all I was hearing about was this dreaded winter storm warning for the weekend but it was definitely chilly. Nice running weather though so I just dressed appropriately and didn't end up having any problems. I didn't get a chance to pick up my race packet on Friday because I was too busy BUYING A NEW TO ME CAR!

ImageSo I had to head downtown early with Rinny (yep, I named my car after Mirinda Carfrae) and make it to the garage in time to get my number. I was of course panicked and of course it was for no reason because everything worked out fine. The Colonel and my mom made the trip with me and hung around at the start for a while before walking down to the finish which was about 2 miles away. I also saw one of my friends from DailyMile which was nice and pretty soon it was time to lineup.

ImageAwaiting the start

Everything started without a hitch. It only took me about 6 minutes to cross the line and I remembered to turn on my ipod and start my Garmin so all was well with the world. It's nice that the course was the same because I mostly knew what to expect and didn't have to pay all that much attention. For once I really just plugged in and ran. I hadn't run all week because I'm lazy because I was busy and didn't feel like it so I didn't know what to expect. I'm still trying to get off of my intervals for shorter races but around mile 2 I panicked a bit that I'd get tired so took a 1 minute breather. I ended up feeling pretty great the rest of the time despite the hills (man it feels great to get better at hills) so I only stopped once between 4 and 5 to tuck my gloves into my pants in a way they wouldn't fall out and then for a bit around mile 5 when I stopped for water. My splits were all under 11 minutes which was my goal so I'm really really happy with that and can't believe how much I've improved in just a year. I was also really glad to know the whole juice thing didn't effect my running. I didn't think it would but you never know. I ended up finishing quite well!

ImageImageSaw the camera and remembered to wave

ImageImageWith my goodies and my hat hair

Afterwards we went to my favorite spot for second breakfast, Highland Morning. I made it home in time to answer a few emails before having to head back out for group fitness instructor training at the Y which I didn't really feel like doing but to reach my fitness instructor goals I had to man up and make the effort. I also had dinner last night with an old friend and her husband who were in town from Lexington for the night and it was nice to catch up and eat guacamole prepared tableside. Which leads me to today feeling very tired, just a little sore and overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork I haven't finished. So I decided to write a blog. All in all a really great weekend. You'll notice I didn't end up doing the triathlon in Shelbyville and I'm glad I didn't. I had a lot of work to do which I couldn't have done if I'd raced since I would probably have fallen asleep for the rest of the day. They also reversed the order because of the freezing cold and rainy weather and I'm just not down for a run/bike/swim format. It's too weird. I'm also no longer doing the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon on Saturday but in it's place I'm doing the 7-miler they're hosting in addition to the half and calling it a training run for the Derby Half in April. Still getting in a race so but I'm out the medal which is a bit of a bummer but one must not become materialistic. I'll still get a tshirt ;) Happy last week of March everyone and GO FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY. March Madness anyone? I just love a good Cinderella!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Bar Cleanse: Day 3

And we've reached the end of my experiment boys and girls. Kind of bittersweet. The menu was the same as Day 2 and when I got home from school with just one drink left I still wanted to throw it out the window...just a little. I mean, I drank 18 drinks in 3 days and didn't chew once! But I pressed on. While drinking the last Gorilla's Delight and not writing the paper I should've been writing I watched Hungry for Change. I can't say enough about the film and highly recommend it to anyone who eats food. Particularly in North America. Check out the trailer, the full film is on Netflix.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8794NQvYfU&w=560&h=315]

There are a few key points I'd like to make regarding a juice cleanse:

  • I spent 3 full days not being hungry at all. Seriously. I was never hungry and I was never overly full. I was consistently comfortable which is a really bizarre feeling. When you're not hungry you're not thinking about food. When you're not too full you're not thinking about food. And when you're not thinking about food you can think about things that actually benefit from your thought. In my case, I could focus on schoolwork. I thought about ways to improve my quality of life. I thought about how to solve some of my problems and took the necessary steps. I also slept (aside from when I had to get up and pee) deeply and for an adequate amount of time and woke up feeling fine.
  • I lost 3 pounds. Nothing spectacular. And nothing that seemed to matter after Day 2 but by the end of Day 3 and especially after watching Hungry for Change I realized that did matter. Because what I lost was probably 3 pounds of random trash that had been stored in my body and most importantly for me, it was lost without exercise. I've been busy (haven't we all?) and just didn't workout Sunday-Tuesday and managed to lose something anyway. I also didn't care quite so much about losing. I'm just somehow able to trust that it'll happen when my body continues to get the things it needs and craves.
  • I'm a juicehead. Yep, I'm totally obsessed with juicing now. I thought that as soon as I was able to eat solid food again I would jump at the chance but I didn't. All throughout the cleanse I was imagining how great that waffle and peanut butter was going to taste and was convinced at midnight I'd be throwing one back. That didn't happen. I went to bed and when I woke up decided to make the waffle. I cooked it up, spread the pb and took a bite. It was fine. Not spectacular, not repulsive. Just fine. I finished it up then went and bought a juicer. Then juiced every fruit and vegetable in my house, mixed them up and drank them. Oh my gosh! Delicious! I even gave some to The Colonel who drank it up. I'm totally in love with the prospect of juicing and today drank in place of my processed snack I usually have before and during class and felt perfectly fine. I was really proud of myself too! So the juicing continues.

There's probably more that I've learned from this experience but I'm sleepy and don't want to write anymore. Enjoy the photos of my juicing experience! I managed to make about a liter and it was amazefest :)



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Bar Cleanse: Day 2

I can gladly say that Day 2 was better than Day 1. It's hard to write this post right now since I'm winding down Day 3 and am a teensy bit grumpy...just a bit. But I'll press on. I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was actually enjoying the smoothies. Up first was an Avocado Dream drink and it was delish. I sipped on my way home.

ImageI kind of forgot to take pictures at this point which is why you're getting an empty cup. This smoothie was marked as GFL and I don't really know what was in it. I could look up the ingredients but I can't be bothered.

ImageNumber 3 was pretty damn good. And I don't even like chocolate. But it was a Chocomaca or something and it was basically a chocolate shake.

ImageAt this point I quit taking pictures. I had class at 4pm so I drank number 4 while driving and number 5 during class. Number 4 was the Easy Being Green (clever right?) smoothie and it was what you'd expect. Green. But it was good. Number 5 was something marked Healer. I don't know what that means but it tasted fine. I finished up with Number 6 while working on a paper when I got home and it was called Gorilla's Delight. I'm pretty sure it has insects in it. Not in a bad way...if there's a good way to include insects in a drink. I only meant it like gorillas eat insects. Get it? Bad joke after bad joke...anyhow, it is semi-chocolately but it's got something else too. Probably insects. 

Unfortunately there's really nothing to report. I feel completely normal and I'm overall kind of disappointed. I was hoping to feel like Superwoman or something but really I just feel like normal. I also haven't lost any weight. And I didn't explicitly do this to lose weight, but I was hoping to see a little dip from consuming nothing but good things. But I guess I'd have to do this for a lot longer than 3 days. It's still disappointing. I'm not sure what I've been hoping for but I think I just wanted something. We'll see. Maybe at the end of Day 3 I'll notice something...until then my friends :)


Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Bar Cleanse: Day 1

Well hello there! As people in the midst of life crises often do, I have made a drastic change in life. And by life I mean in food. And as an aspiring masters degree holding retail worker Nutritional Anthropologist I do like new foods. So I decided to do a 3 day juice/smoothie cleanse hosted by our great local vegan juice spot Life Bar. I signed up for the Level 1 cleanse during this past Saturday's Vegetarian Tasting Fair at Rainbow Blossom which consists of 6 smoothies you drink throughout the day. There's a Level 2 and Level 3 too which are each more intense than the one before so the nice rep at the fair recommended Level 1 for me.

Yesterday was my first day and unfortunately the employee mixed me up the incorrect batch. So I got 6 juices instead of smoothies. Hmm...shouldn't be a big deal right? Well the all juice cleanse is actually Level 3. But I figured, what the hell, and stuck a straw in number one as soon as I got back in the car.

ImageOnce I got home I took a picture of my complete Day 1 line-up.

ImageThe first drink was very green. Likely a spinachy blend and I made it through alright. Since they didn't open until 11 I pretty much had to drink non-stop all day. That made things tougher than I think they would've been otherwise. But I marched on and drank drink 2 at work.

ImageMaybe a celery drink? Probably my favorite one so it wasn't too bad. Once I got home I jumped into number 3 and was starting to really feel that urge to chew. A carrot juice did not help that urge.

ImageImmediately into drink 4 and things got bad. Drink 4 was another earthy green thing and though not actually bad, the sting of nothing but drinking veggies had really set in. On my way out of the kitchen with drink 4 in hand I almost threw it in the trash and downed my tin of mixed nuts. But I held strong and walked past all my "real" food.

ImageI'll be honest. I didn't finish drink 4. It was a bit too earthy for me but again, I think on it's own it would've been fine. By the time Walking Dead came on I was in the home stretch. After I gave up on drink 4 I just moved to drink 5. And things got bad. I went into this really open minded and didn't list anything on my dislikes section. But whatever was in drink 5 would go on that list. Beets? Radish? I don't even know, but it did not go well.

ImageFinally (after not finishing number 5) I had reached my nut milk dessert drink. Which by this time had fully separated and was full of pulp at the bottom. But nothing a good mixing couldn't handle and it drank just like milk. Unfortunately, I hate milk. I particularly hate drinking milk. Always have. And keep in mind by "milk" I mean "almond milk". I have no idea what cow's milk is like anymore but I suspect it's similar.

ImageI didn't finish the milk either. I think I was just juiced out. But I also wasn't hungry at all. I did want to be eating, meaning I wanted to chew and crunch but that's the habit part of eating. As far as actual nutrients and hunger, I was absolutely fine. And that's without finishing all of the drinks so the fear of being hungry actually isn't a worry at all on a well designed, well executed juice cleanse. So far the only side effects have been excessive urination (which isn't that uncommon for me) and a much flatter belly than normal when I woke up today which I'm a little confused by. No bloating maybe? I didn't even know I was bloated. Anyway, this morning I picked up my drinks for the next 2 days and they are correct and are actual smoothies. It's already been a bit smoother. (See? Did you get that play on words there? I'm clever.) I'll report about today tomorrow and hopefully I'll still be feeling great :)

And P.S. - last week I took my eldest kitty and only son to the vet to get some blood work done in his old age. I was really nervous to get the results but I got the call today that he's all clear! A happy, healthy, bouncing boy! Who needs a teeth cleaning. Good news all around!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis...Continued

Have any of you noticed the life crisis I'm currently in the midst of? Have I hidden this at all? I mean, I probably didn't hide it so well in this post...maybe it's become more apparent through my lack of posts. Or maybe not. Maybe you've all been under the impression I'm doing great which would be awesome but highly unlikely. Truth is, I am doing alright. But it's a fine line I'm constantly teetering on. Yesterday I went to look at cars with my mom since I'm considering a new one. It was a pretty awful and terrifying experience. One I'm definitely not ready for. My mom then said, if you think this is bad, wait until you buy a house. And here comes the depression. I think about buying a house pretty close to 50 times per day. I have dreams about painting walls and not having my dog bark every time the neighbors run up and down the stairs. I imagine a fence where I can go outside and play with her and gardens and landscaping. I feel the pride of actually owning something worth being proud of and of finally being an actual adult.

None of those things are happening. None of those things are even close to happening. On Tuesday one of my bestest friends had her baby and is officially a mom. Although I guess she was a mom before that? I don't know how you mommy types classify it. Anyway I went to visit in the hospital on Wednesday and was full on freaked out by how tiny her baby was/is. I know they're all tiny but when you're in a room with one they're even tinier. So in true form I stood across the room pressed against some piece of furniture tilting my head to actually see her. I was lucky enough to have my other bestest friend there with me for support but then I just felt silly since everyone was just picking up baby like it was no big deal and I wanted to bolt out the window. So what is wrong with me? The baby was really cute and wasn't crying or really moving all that much. So why can't I just hold a baby? Commence beating myself up for my inner freakdom. I called my mom later and she informed me that she had never really held a newborn until she had one. Well that's comforting. My freakness comes from my mother. (Love you Mom!) But it didn't do much to make me feel normal.

Thursday I went to work which is really just a gig and that reminded me that I don't actually have a job. Resume beating myself up. Who just quits their job? I know, I know, I'm in grad school. And since I'm stupid not well versed in anthropological theory it's really really really hard. I suck am not doing great in school. Although I have practically no grades or anything to base this conclusion on, I'm still fairly certain it's accurate.

Which lead to yesterday's complete breakdown of my friend has already become a teacher, wife and mother and she's younger than me, I'm terrified of buying a car, oh yeah, and I'm unemployed and working on a degree in a field I know nothing about. It was pretty rough. I felt like trash. So I ate trash. Then felt like a larger pile of trash. Then got in bed for 2+ hours in the early evening, covered my head and pretended not to exist. The Colonel was very accommodating by completely ignoring me. He did for a brief moment try words of wisdom but I think we all know how that ended. So after wallowing for a few hours I managed to drag myself back downstairs and eat another ice cream sandwich. Then I ate some chips. Then The Colonel made an actual dinner which I also ate but didn't cook because I was too busy wallowing. Things improved slightly by the end of the night because I watched Hell's Kitchen. And that always makes me feel better about myself because they're also chasing their dreams but being screamed at by an angry Brit and laughed at by much of America in the process. Luckily, nobody is watching my attempt at life.

But now I'm just sort of stuck. I have no interest in working out, (did I mention I worked out 7 days last week and barely 3 this week...or that I haven't lost more than 2 pounds since December?) or cleaning my home or really doing anything at all. Working on schoolwork makes me cry and I'm really to that point where I have no one to talk to. It's tough. I'd like to think I'm cleaning out my closet today, both figuratively and literally but I do fear it could send me into another fit when I find a bunch of cute clothes I never got rid of from when I was young and hot. I'd like to be able to combat that by also getting rid of the clothes that are now 3 sizes too big, but I somehow doubt that will happen in my current negative and pitiful state of mind. But I'm optimistic I'll come out of it soon. My digestive system hopes so because I no longer want to eat anything at all.

ImageI so wish I had this shirt

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anthem 5K Race Recap

Hello all! Good news today! Actually this weekend has been lovely so far. Last night I went to the Pink concert downtown which was more amazing than I can explain. Pink is my very favorite artist and The Colonel got me tickets for me and my sister to go for my birthday but it did keep me out quite late despite the Anthem 5K this morning. Totally worth it though.

ImageSo excited!

Not enough hours later I got up for the race and for a split second wanted to go back to sleep and scrap it. But this isn't some frufru 5K, it's the Triple Crown. And it's the first leg. It would be like missing the Derby then trying to show up for the Preakness and Belmont. Talk about a waste. So up I got and headed out...without breakfast, a drink or my compression sleeves. Awesome. But I have been trying to depend on them less and am to the point in my acupuncture treatment that I'm just maintaining since last time I literally had no pain to discuss. My sister wasn't running with me which was a total bummer because most importantly, I had no one to Harlem Shake with. I was this guy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS1WLg5exRQ&w=560&h=315]

Anyway, I remembered my ipod and Garmin so I was ready and off I went.

ImageBefore the race

Moving on, my sister and I were just talking about how much slower we run when we're together but concluded it's because we save more breath for talking than running. So since I was all alone I decided to go hard. I'm also trying to get off of my intervals for shorter distances so was just going to run until I felt like I needed a walk. My first mile was 10:16 and I felt great so I went on and up the biggest climb of the race. I remembered the course so knew it was coming and actually destroyed it. Like...easily just ran on up like it was nothing. Is it possible riding all of those hills in spinning and on the trainer have actually helped? Because I know I haven't been running hills at all. Anyway I hit mile two still feeling pretty great in 10:12 so I decided to just chug on. There were 3 climbs I think overall and I just worked with them, again, no problem. Around 2.8 miles I decided I didn't really feel like running anymore but by then I could see the finish so I picked it up to get in under 33 minutes. My original goal was under 35 but then I considered I could do around 33. When I got my 3 mile split I about died because it was 9:58. I mean seriously. Who am I? My official time was 31:15 which is a new standalone 5K PR! Had no idea what I was capable of! Very happy with this performance but would rather be slower and have my buddy! Another fun fact would be that last year I did this race in 47 minutes and some change but was just as proud of myself today as I was last year! Sounds like progress to me :)

ImageFirst leg is complete!

And just for kicks, here's how I looked after the race last year. I'd like to think I look a bit better this year, but I did hide it well.



Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hello friends. Sad news. We had to put our yorkie of 17 years to sleep last night. It was a pretty terrible experience that has left me and my sister not really wanting to do anything. But we did at least go for a run today to get moving and feel better. It helped but it'll really take time.

So to brighten things up, thought I'd let you in on what types of things are coming up in the next few weeks. I won't bother talking about what school stuff is coming up because that's no fun. Race wise, here's what's up, Saturday is the Anthem 5K which is the first leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running. I can't believe it's already Triple Crown time! That means it's spring! Crazy how time flies. Anyway, the 23rd is the second leg which is the Rodes 10K and the 24th is the third race in the Shelbyville Triathlon Series which will be my first race in the series and my first tri of the season! Really looking forward to it even though I'll likely come in last ;) Finally, I'll round out the month with the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon on the 30th. Should be a fun month! If I can keep up.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Recap

Hello friends! Finally ready to write that race recap but I'll keep it short and sweet. To sum up this race in one word, I'd choose FUN! It's a super fun race and was totally worth the money, stressful travel and frizzy, curly hair from 3+ hours in the humidity. Wait, wait, wait...3+ hours?! Yes, you read that correctly. Man did we get our money's worth!

ImageOur gorgeous Florida condo

We got to Florida around 10 the Friday before the race and were instantly smacked in the face by the humidity and I was quickly reminded how much I hate summer. Have I mentioned how much I hate summer? Anyway, fast forward to Saturday and it was time for the expo!

ImageImageImageNone of my pictures could do the size of the race true justice. The expo was packed but not nearly as irritating as I expected, particularly because every parent there was fantastic and kept their kids from running wild. I appreciate that immensely. Plus there were fun things for them and everyone to do. We bought a couple of things and then happened upon a certain Miss Ali Vincent! I'm not a huge Biggest Loser fan but my sister is. And I at least recognized her but for those of you unfamiliar, Ali Vincent was the first female Biggest Loser winner and is really fabulous and fun. And adorable.

ImageImageAfter the expo we hung around for a while (amazing!) and then went to bed early. The worst part of the Disney race gig is that whole 5:35 am start time. We were up at 2:30 to leave by 3 since we were driving and the directions said to be parked by 4 am. We entered the greatest pre-race party ever! I swear, this guy had to be high because he was the most energetic DJ I've ever experienced. We Cha Cha Slid, YMCA'd, Wobbled, Macarena'd, Booty Called and all around had a blast! We also took pictures (of course) before heading over to the corrals. It was about a 15 minute walk from the pre-race area to the start line and somehow we were in corral B (out of A-G). We settled in, got nervous, made friends, peed in the woods and before we knew it the race had started!

ImageImageImageThis race was absolutely huge. Nearly 30,000 runners and all kinds of characters and displays at just about every mile! That's one of the reasons we were sooo slow. A lot of the pre-race materials said this wasn't a race for a PR and I of course wasn't shooting for that anyway. But the heat combined with the congestion and of course the distance I was just out for a good time. It was a really well staffed race with lots of bathrooms, water/powerade stops and medical volunteers. Not only were there volunteers everywhere but the medical tents handed out tylenol, biofreeze and vaseline. It was like Christmas every 3 miles. People always say your clothing can cause chafing but I've found I'm mostly unable to save my thighs from each other. The clothes are fine. Most importantly, I never felt like I was dying. I got tired. I got tired of running. I wanted to climb onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ship and have a nap. But I was never panting or completely fatigued. That is, until the very end. And that's how I knew I ran a good race. We added about 35 minutes to the time I imagine I could do a half in and that's pretty good for the aforementioned conditions and stopping at least every mile to take pictures.

ImageThe spectators were amazing too. There were tons of them and they were nice and loud which was greatly appreciated. The whole last mile was just lined with people and of course a gospel choir which meant the end was near! We rounded the Epcot ball and finally, FINALLY saw the 13 mile marker. After we finished the trusty Garmin told us the race was more like 13.25 miles. But what can you do? All in all I would absolutely recommend this race but it is costly and crowded sometimes. But to me, it was totally worth it and a great birthday present. We got some really sweet swag too. Hoping to be back there sooner, but for sure will be going for my 30th!