Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Bar Cleanse: Day 2

I can gladly say that Day 2 was better than Day 1. It's hard to write this post right now since I'm winding down Day 3 and am a teensy bit grumpy...just a bit. But I'll press on. I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was actually enjoying the smoothies. Up first was an Avocado Dream drink and it was delish. I sipped on my way home.

ImageI kind of forgot to take pictures at this point which is why you're getting an empty cup. This smoothie was marked as GFL and I don't really know what was in it. I could look up the ingredients but I can't be bothered.

ImageNumber 3 was pretty damn good. And I don't even like chocolate. But it was a Chocomaca or something and it was basically a chocolate shake.

ImageAt this point I quit taking pictures. I had class at 4pm so I drank number 4 while driving and number 5 during class. Number 4 was the Easy Being Green (clever right?) smoothie and it was what you'd expect. Green. But it was good. Number 5 was something marked Healer. I don't know what that means but it tasted fine. I finished up with Number 6 while working on a paper when I got home and it was called Gorilla's Delight. I'm pretty sure it has insects in it. Not in a bad way...if there's a good way to include insects in a drink. I only meant it like gorillas eat insects. Get it? Bad joke after bad joke...anyhow, it is semi-chocolately but it's got something else too. Probably insects. 

Unfortunately there's really nothing to report. I feel completely normal and I'm overall kind of disappointed. I was hoping to feel like Superwoman or something but really I just feel like normal. I also haven't lost any weight. And I didn't explicitly do this to lose weight, but I was hoping to see a little dip from consuming nothing but good things. But I guess I'd have to do this for a lot longer than 3 days. It's still disappointing. I'm not sure what I've been hoping for but I think I just wanted something. We'll see. Maybe at the end of Day 3 I'll notice something...until then my friends :)


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