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Rodes City Run 10K Race Report

Welcome to another installment of Racing with Rennay! Yesterday was the second leg of the Triple Crown and just happened to be my second favorite race distance. I seem to have an affinity towards the number 10 because 10 miles is my most perfect race distance followed by a 10K. Anyhow, yesterday was the Rodes 10K and it was quite cold. Not as cold as I was expecting since all I was hearing about was this dreaded winter storm warning for the weekend but it was definitely chilly. Nice running weather though so I just dressed appropriately and didn't end up having any problems. I didn't get a chance to pick up my race packet on Friday because I was too busy BUYING A NEW TO ME CAR!

ImageSo I had to head downtown early with Rinny (yep, I named my car after Mirinda Carfrae) and make it to the garage in time to get my number. I was of course panicked and of course it was for no reason because everything worked out fine. The Colonel and my mom made the trip with me and hung around at the start for a while before walking down to the finish which was about 2 miles away. I also saw one of my friends from DailyMile which was nice and pretty soon it was time to lineup.

ImageAwaiting the start

Everything started without a hitch. It only took me about 6 minutes to cross the line and I remembered to turn on my ipod and start my Garmin so all was well with the world. It's nice that the course was the same because I mostly knew what to expect and didn't have to pay all that much attention. For once I really just plugged in and ran. I hadn't run all week because I'm lazy because I was busy and didn't feel like it so I didn't know what to expect. I'm still trying to get off of my intervals for shorter races but around mile 2 I panicked a bit that I'd get tired so took a 1 minute breather. I ended up feeling pretty great the rest of the time despite the hills (man it feels great to get better at hills) so I only stopped once between 4 and 5 to tuck my gloves into my pants in a way they wouldn't fall out and then for a bit around mile 5 when I stopped for water. My splits were all under 11 minutes which was my goal so I'm really really happy with that and can't believe how much I've improved in just a year. I was also really glad to know the whole juice thing didn't effect my running. I didn't think it would but you never know. I ended up finishing quite well!

ImageImageSaw the camera and remembered to wave

ImageImageWith my goodies and my hat hair

Afterwards we went to my favorite spot for second breakfast, Highland Morning. I made it home in time to answer a few emails before having to head back out for group fitness instructor training at the Y which I didn't really feel like doing but to reach my fitness instructor goals I had to man up and make the effort. I also had dinner last night with an old friend and her husband who were in town from Lexington for the night and it was nice to catch up and eat guacamole prepared tableside. Which leads me to today feeling very tired, just a little sore and overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork I haven't finished. So I decided to write a blog. All in all a really great weekend. You'll notice I didn't end up doing the triathlon in Shelbyville and I'm glad I didn't. I had a lot of work to do which I couldn't have done if I'd raced since I would probably have fallen asleep for the rest of the day. They also reversed the order because of the freezing cold and rainy weather and I'm just not down for a run/bike/swim format. It's too weird. I'm also no longer doing the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon on Saturday but in it's place I'm doing the 7-miler they're hosting in addition to the half and calling it a training run for the Derby Half in April. Still getting in a race so but I'm out the medal which is a bit of a bummer but one must not become materialistic. I'll still get a tshirt ;) Happy last week of March everyone and GO FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY. March Madness anyone? I just love a good Cinderella!


  1. Yay new car! That's exciting! Is that an aveo?

    It sounds like your race went great! In glad you didn't overwhelm yourself and to the tri too.

    I know they have a medal for the 7miler. Will you not get one of them?

  2. Yes, an Aveo it is. The race was fantastic, I'm hoping the ones that follow will go just as smoothly. I looked it up and they DO have a medal for the 7 miler! How exciting! I never expect a medal for anything less than a half so now I'm super pumped!


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