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Life Bar Cleanse: Day 3

And we've reached the end of my experiment boys and girls. Kind of bittersweet. The menu was the same as Day 2 and when I got home from school with just one drink left I still wanted to throw it out the window...just a little. I mean, I drank 18 drinks in 3 days and didn't chew once! But I pressed on. While drinking the last Gorilla's Delight and not writing the paper I should've been writing I watched Hungry for Change. I can't say enough about the film and highly recommend it to anyone who eats food. Particularly in North America. Check out the trailer, the full film is on Netflix.


There are a few key points I'd like to make regarding a juice cleanse:

  • I spent 3 full days not being hungry at all. Seriously. I was never hungry and I was never overly full. I was consistently comfortable which is a really bizarre feeling. When you're not hungry you're not thinking about food. When you're not too full you're not thinking about food. And when you're not thinking about food you can think about things that actually benefit from your thought. In my case, I could focus on schoolwork. I thought about ways to improve my quality of life. I thought about how to solve some of my problems and took the necessary steps. I also slept (aside from when I had to get up and pee) deeply and for an adequate amount of time and woke up feeling fine.
  • I lost 3 pounds. Nothing spectacular. And nothing that seemed to matter after Day 2 but by the end of Day 3 and especially after watching Hungry for Change I realized that did matter. Because what I lost was probably 3 pounds of random trash that had been stored in my body and most importantly for me, it was lost without exercise. I've been busy (haven't we all?) and just didn't workout Sunday-Tuesday and managed to lose something anyway. I also didn't care quite so much about losing. I'm just somehow able to trust that it'll happen when my body continues to get the things it needs and craves.
  • I'm a juicehead. Yep, I'm totally obsessed with juicing now. I thought that as soon as I was able to eat solid food again I would jump at the chance but I didn't. All throughout the cleanse I was imagining how great that waffle and peanut butter was going to taste and was convinced at midnight I'd be throwing one back. That didn't happen. I went to bed and when I woke up decided to make the waffle. I cooked it up, spread the pb and took a bite. It was fine. Not spectacular, not repulsive. Just fine. I finished it up then went and bought a juicer. Then juiced every fruit and vegetable in my house, mixed them up and drank them. Oh my gosh! Delicious! I even gave some to The Colonel who drank it up. I'm totally in love with the prospect of juicing and today drank in place of my processed snack I usually have before and during class and felt perfectly fine. I was really proud of myself too! So the juicing continues.

There's probably more that I've learned from this experience but I'm sleepy and don't want to write anymore. Enjoy the photos of my juicing experience! I managed to make about a liter and it was amazefest :)




  1. this is like the hbo documentary The Weight of a Nation. I loved that and I think I will love this one! Although, I am not a fan of liquid diets or cleansing in general, I am glad you feel great!!!


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