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"guy dances into traffic gets hit by ice cream truck"

So I think it's safe to say that I am THE WORST blogger. I think it's a combination of having nothing of interest to say and actually believing that I have nothing of interest to say. Perhaps when I get back home and my life is normal I'll blog more. But for now it would just be whine whine whine. Anyhoo, here's a vid from my wonderful boyfriend and one that soon became an office hit around here. Enjoy

Parakeet vs. "Paul"

I'm disappointed to say that Dallas is not quite growing on me.  I'm sure it's a nice town for some people and Texas is the perfect fit, but I'm just a northerner and for some reason can't quite adjest. Nothing is terrible, the job is ok, the apartment's ok, the bo fren is beyond amazing but I'm just not settled.

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately especially when it comes to thinking about my future. This is probably the perfect time in my life to figure these things out, like what I enjoy doing at work and what I don't and where I want to be in the country versus where I don't. But for some reason I kind of feel like I'm being held back. Maybe it's the college debt, or the signed leases but I just feel like I can't apply for and take a job in New York, Chicago, Colorado California or wherever and I don't like that feeling at all.

Something I've always liked about myself has been not being held back by things and liv…

Back in Business


So after quite a long hiatus or sabbatical, whichever you prefer. I am back and blogging. FINALLY adding pictures of my rented furniture. I don't like it much but it is comfy and gets the job done. I would never choose it on my own though. Anyhow, a lot has happened. I started work and it's been going pretty well. I'm finally starting to figure things out and got some praise from my many bosses recently so that's a plus. The other interns are amazing! They're so fun! We went out a week or 2 ago but unfortunately it was Friday and I'm incapable of staying up late after working all day so I was a lamehead. Then I rode home with THE creepiest cabby on earth. Good experience. I'm really hoping we can all go out again soon but I gotta show these Texans how we party in da ville! Plus the bars here close at like 2. Psh.

In other news, the kiddos are doing great. TJ is his normal self, just a chill old guy. Mani is starting to be a bit of a snot. Maybe it…

"I'm pretty sure there isn't a 1999 Bryan Street..."


Today was quite a day! Mani woke up early for some reason so I was actually up in time to get some breakfast in the lobby...that I brought back to my room to save until I woke up again. Once I FINALLY got up I figured I'd go take some things to the apartment and see what was around there. It's kinda sad that I'll be moving out of this hotel tomorrow since it's really all I know. But I'll get to stay in my huge apartment with FURNITURE! Mani also goes to daycare tomorrow for her first day! I'm nervous for her but I'm sure she'll have fun. I hope she makes friends!

Anyhow, I went out to the apartment and saw lots of girls sitting outside braiding each other's hair. Adorable. Then I went to the dollar store and bought a TON of stuff for like $40 then attempted to drive to work...45 minutes into the estimated 16 minute drive it occurred to me that perhaps I was lost. As someone who has been in my fair share of cities I think it's safe to say…

On My Own

Mom left early early this morning and ever since I've been officially on my own here in Dallas...well, Irving. It's weird...and more importantly, boring. I can't wait to make friends! Tomorrow I'm taking all of my stuff over to my apartment before the furniture comes Monday. Thank God my mom was nice enough to extend my hotel stay. Mani also goes to daycare Monday so she'll quit driving me nuts! There's just not enough for her to do around here. Or me for that matter. So I spent the day eating sour patch kids and other crap and watching the Lifetime dysfunction junction movie marathon. I had enough of that so I switched to HBO just in time to catch My Sister's Keeper. Excellent movie but I CRIED LIKE A BABY! Kinda put a damper on the day, but now I know the next book I'll be reading. Success. Hopefully I'll have more to report soon other than it's so damn hot!

Every Hour's Rush Hour

Today I got the keys to my new apartment and set up my electricity! Very exciting! It'll be more exciting after I get my furniture on Monday morning but getting the keys is a good start! I was up bright and early (ha) and went to do the apartment thing before my hair appointment at noon. I ended up getting it cut :( but after a few hours I decided it wasn't that bad.

Traffic is ridiculous here. At every hour. But it's been kinda neat just because it gives me time to look at everything. And getting lost constantly is teaching me a lot. Too bad I'm staying in Irving but will be living in Dallas. But in the event I ever have to spend time here again I'll be ok.

Other than the apartment, today was a really boring day. I hate getting my hair done and of course it took FOREVER so I wasn't in the best mood. I can't wait to start Armani in daycare because she's starting to drive me and TJ crazy since she hasn't gotten to burn as much energy as usual. Nothing …

Another Day, Another Daycare...

Today was an important day, Mom (I), went on a mission to find the perfect daycare for little Armani. After laying in bed watching a few hours of Wife Swap and chatting on Facebook with Hammy, I got up and headed out to Dee's Doggie Den. It's only about 15 minutes from where I'll be living but more like a half hour from where I am now in Irving so I decided Mani would have to forgo the trip. Thanks to the lovely Dallas traffic it took more like 45 minutes to get there but it was well worth it. The place is perfect! They even have pools outside for the dogs to swim in. And even better, it's cheaper than where I took Mani in Louisville! The woman who gave the tour was super sweet and it's a really nice place. Afterwards we went to this Mexican restaurant a few doors down and I got a bean burrito but I forgot how enormous the portions are so I did a pretty pitiful job of finishing it all. After the meal we checked out the 24 Hour Fitness center down the street for a l…



So for those of you who don't know, I'm spending this summer working as an intern in Dallas. Though I'm excited, I can't deny that the thought of being an intern AGAIN is really not all that appealing to me. But luckily I'm working for a great (HUGE) communications company that prefers recent grad interns so I'm hoping I'll have lots of work to do.

Before we got on the road, we stopped for some McTrash and my sister got herself a Happy Meal. But the best part was, we got a plastic gingerbread man from the Shrek movies as a toy! We decided he'd be our flat Stanley. Thus, the birth of Stanley. Anyhow, I got the bright idea to drive from Louisville to Dallas with my fur babies in tow. So we shipped my little Hyundai a few days early, rented a jeep, packed up a bunch of my junk, Armani and TJ and headed out. 6 or so hours later we stopped in Memphis for the night where me and Alexis had to run to Target to get a litter box for my little guy and look…