Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I'm pretty sure there isn't a 1999 Bryan Street..."


Today was quite a day! Mani woke up early for some reason so I was actually up in time to get some breakfast in the lobby...that I brought back to my room to save until I woke up again. Once I FINALLY got up I figured I'd go take some things to the apartment and see what was around there. It's kinda sad that I'll be moving out of this hotel tomorrow since it's really all I know. But I'll get to stay in my huge apartment with FURNITURE! Mani also goes to daycare tomorrow for her first day! I'm nervous for her but I'm sure she'll have fun. I hope she makes friends!

Anyhow, I went out to the apartment and saw lots of girls sitting outside braiding each other's hair. Adorable. Then I went to the dollar store and bought a TON of stuff for like $40 then attempted to drive to work...45 minutes into the estimated 16 minute drive it occurred to me that perhaps I was lost. As someone who has been in my fair share of cities I think it's safe to say that downtown Dallas is right up there with D.C. for the most confusing cities on the planet. Blocks? Grids? Nah, let's just throw the buildings somewhere and then have a train/tram thing go right through the middle of it all. After about an hour I pull over and ask for directions.

Me: How do I get to 1999 Bryan Street?
Stranger: ....1999 Bryan Street?
Me: Yes.
Stranger: Well...there's 2011 Bryan Street. is 1999 just a block or so over?
Stranger: ......I'm pretty sure there isn't a 1999 Bryan Street....
Me: Ok. Thank you sir.
Stranger: Harwood Street is that way. Maybe you're getting Bryan mixed up with Harwood.
Me: Maaaaybeeeee.....
Stranger: I don't really know. I'm from Georgia. But I'm pretty sure there isn't a 1999 Bryan Street.

Oh geez. Is this what the south is like? Eventually I did find 1999 Bryan Street. The problem is the tram thing goes down Bryan street...which means cars can't go on it. Lightbulb, maybe I'll be taking the bus to work.

So then on my way back I found lots of parks with walking and running trails that I can take Mani to on non daycare days and found the 24 Hour Fitness center closest to my apartment. All and all it's been a really exciting day. It sounds lame, yes, but I got a driving tour of downtown Dallas and got all kinds of fun stuff for the apartment. Success! Can't wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Reading your blog is like reading good book. Cannot wait for the next chapter.