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So for those of you who don't know, I'm spending this summer working as an intern in Dallas. Though I'm excited, I can't deny that the thought of being an intern AGAIN is really not all that appealing to me. But luckily I'm working for a great (HUGE) communications company that prefers recent grad interns so I'm hoping I'll have lots of work to do.

Before we got on the road, we stopped for some McTrash and my sister got herself a Happy Meal. But the best part was, we got a plastic gingerbread man from the Shrek movies as a toy! We decided he'd be our flat Stanley. Thus, the birth of Stanley. Anyhow, I got the bright idea to drive from Louisville to Dallas with my fur babies in tow. So we shipped my little Hyundai a few days early, rented a jeep, packed up a bunch of my junk, Armani and TJ and headed out. 6 or so hours later we stopped in Memphis for the night where me and Alexis had to run to Target to get a litter box for my little guy and looked at all of the Stanley pictures from earlier through the day. Tennessee was full of these weird dead armadillo things on the side of the road that were all belly up. Apparently when they die they flip on their backs to make it easier on the buzzards. So the next day we hopped back on the road bright and early and spent the day driving through Arkansas...there is absolutely nothing to say about Arkansas other than we passed a huge sign that said "HOPE, ARKANSAS. BIRTHPLACE OF PRESIDENT WILLIAM J. CLINTON!" Unfortunately Stanley was unprepared so we missed that sign and had to settle for a picture with the Hope sign. We spent most of the drive following signs for Texarkana but once we got there we had no idea whether we were in Arkansas or Texas. We kept driving and started seeing the state of Texas on all of the bridges and assumed we changed states. Apparently Texas doesn't welcome you, you welcome Texas. A few miles after Texarkana we saw some Texas State Troopers...IN PICK UP TRUCKS and a little further down a big herd of Longhorns! I almost died. 200 and some odd miles later we were in Dallas! We passed a huge lake where people were boating and the sun was shining and it was just gorgeous. Now that I've been to the lake with Rachel I hope I meet a richie here and get to go to the lake with someone. But I guess I have to make friends first...

Finally, we make it to Dallas, pick up my car, check into the hotel and EAT. Later we went and looked at some apartments and the first one I saw was amazing! I usually make a strict rule not to take the first thing I see but this one was a steal. It was originally $409 a month which is already cheaper than anything I've rented in Louisville (ps- note the fleur de lis layout I chose for this blog hehe) and was really spacious. It has a patio which you can get to from the living room and the kitchen. It has tons of counter space, a dishwasher and washer/dryer hookups. The guy who was leasing it was excellent at his job because he was so charismatic if I were anyone else I would've taken it. However, holding a degree in communication and being as business savvy as I am, I wasn't convinced. So I say I love it and he says Ok, Rennay. Let's get you leased! But I know that tone. So I say I need time to look around some more then say, I'm not sure, I have problems with commitment. But never one to lose a sale, homeboy says, What if I give it to you for $389 a month? Holy crap. I win. So now I have an apartment :)

I don't know much about Dallas so far other than that it's very hot, will only get hotter and is terribly confusing to navigate (much like Lou). But I'm optimistic. I think that once I start work things will get a lot better. But don't fret friends, I'm sure there will be PLENTY to report. Stay tuned...


  1. Yay! I can't wait to read more of these! The Flat Stanley idea is fantastic. I hope TJ and Armani settle well-- keep us all posted. <3


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