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30 Days of Yoga: Day 24

So, my project is almost over and I really think that I've been able to successfully incorporate yoga into my life. A couple of nights ago I got really upset but instead of doing my usual freak out and get mad/sad and just become beside myself I went up to my room and did yoga. I practiced breathing, cleared my mind and ended up feeling a lot better within a matter of minutes. Not only that but it's really helpful to be able to really target the problems or issues that are bothering me and solve them with a calm, clear head. I love the changes yoga has made in my life so far and can't wait to continue the journey :)

30 Days of Yoga: Day 15

Halfway through and I feel better than ever. My sister tells me I'm spouting off "yoga talk", basically that things aren't such a big deal. For example, I was reading my facebook newsfeed this morning and my goodness there's so much negativity! Everybody hates someone or some group of people for whatever reason and in hating on others turning themselves into the victims and the "less fortunate". Let's just put it this way, if you have facebook it means you have some sort of access to the internet which in turn makes you one of the relatively fortunate. There will always be people with more money than you, who are better looking, more talented, who have better jobs and more expensive clothes but for Christ's sake just accept it and move on. For everything I just said you are that person to someone else. You are the rich, attractive, talented person they're jealous of. As someone who used to be the undisputed QUEEN of jealousy and complaining …

30 Days of Yoga: Day 11

OMG I can't believe I'm already on day 11! I'm even more surprised that I've stuck with it and even though the blogging doesn't reflect that, I've done yoga every one of these 11 days. I can't believe how incredible I feel and how my outlook has changed on life. Even when bad things happen during the day, knowing that at the end of the day you'll do your yoga and release it all just makes it not seem like such a big deal. I've gotten a new yoga dvd (yes, I'm still convinced my body looks way too awful to be seen in a yoga studio) by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.

I am to the point that I basically live and die by this dvd. There is an energizing series and rejuvenation and on more than one occasion I've been known to do the energizing in the morning and rejuvenation at night. They're really easy, there's a lot of holding of poses and it really just gives me time inside my own head (which I used to dread) but now I really know how to …

30 Days of Yoga: Days 3-6

Let me reiterate that I'm extremely bad at blogging. That said, I have been doing yoga the past 3 days and I feel fantastic. Yesterday I did a morning energizing session and last night did rejuvenation. I had a work event last night so unfortunately I ate like crap and didn't do any exercise OTHER than yoga. But no worries, I was back at the gym today and I surely can't change yesterday so just have to move on :)