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26 Things

The other day I sent a text to my sister that went something like, "Remember when I used to write a blog? That was fun." I spend a lot of time nowadays watching my head movies (as RER calls them) and when you have tons of time to think you can come up with all sorts of things to write about. What I'm saying is, my absence isn't due to a lack of material.

Since today is my last day as a 26 year old I thought I'd at least throw something together very quickly for the sake of...I don't know, 26-ing. Also yes, tomorrow is my birthday!

Here are 26 things I've learned or thought about since beginning Ironman training:

 My laundry is finally being done regularly. I only have 4 sports bras and 1 bathing suit so laundry needs to be done all the time.I truly don't have time for things. You know how you say you'll call someone or write that blog or watch that show but you never have time because you're too busy doing some equally unnecessary task? That…

Commit to Fit Round 3!

Round 2 of Commit to Fit was triple the size of round 1 and just as much fun as the first go!

For the short month of February we took a short break but don't fret, Commit to Fit is BACK for March! If you haven't joined in yet, what are you waiting for? 

The goal of this challenge is to remember that being active is a lifestyle and not necessarily a specific workout plan. Think ahead and plan to do what you want to do when you can do it.

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up! There have been some changes for the better this round so please read carefully:

All official participants will be required to pay the $15 fee and use the Trainerize software to track their progress. With the size of the program, it has become difficult to manage points effectively through manual tracking. I think it's best to rely on a software system than my tired eyes to make sure everyone gets the points they deserve!People can still play along for free by joining the Facebook group but they w…

When I'm Not Blogging

Sarah posted her version of this post just the other day and I thought I would follow suit. It seemed particularly appropriate as I've had an absence of blogging as of late so I might as well do a little explainin'.

I'm a busy bee and I like it that way so here are just a few of the many things I'm doing when I'm not chatting with you fine people. *Cue Titanic reference

Training Myself

With that little Ironman race coming up I've been spending a lot of time trying to get my life in order before training actually starts. In the meantime, I'm getting in 2 solid swim, bike, run and strength sessions in 6 days each week. I started up with my awesome Coach on January 1st and so far so good. The workouts aren't long but between commuting (I live a good drive from the pool, gym and most safe outdoor running routes), changing clothes, showering and eating it takes up much more time than I realized. Luckily I'll be moving before ish really gets real...hopeful…

Lovin the Hills Race Report

Guess what I did this weekend???

I was a very good girl and asked my coach very nicely if I could please please please do the Lovin' the Hills 6 mile trail race and because he's the best he gave me the green light to participate. So, I did my very first trail race on Saturday!

I'm not necessarily a stranger to trails but I definitely wouldn't say we're friends. Trail running goes on the same list as all of those really great athletes I "know" and am Facebook friends with and want to be able to be real friends with but I'm too intimidated to try. You know what I mean right? Anyway, I've run trails before and volunteered at many a trail race but I've never actually "raced" myself so this was going to be a fun new experience.

The site wasn't far from my house and since I'd waited to sign up for various reasons, I didn't have to get up too too early to get there in time for race day registration. I drove to Jefferson Memorial…

Best Tweets of January

Return of the #baglady. Please note there's a bag inside another bag too.— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 6, 2015

I think #ironman training means laundry needs to be done a lot more often... #triathleteproblems#aintnobodygottimeforthat#IMLOU— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 7, 2015

This round of #RCMC2Fit is bigger and they are hitting it hard!— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 8, 2015

#wine and #water. #sundayfunday#hydration#hydrationstation#browncounty#localwine#drinkup— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 11, 2015

#momisms— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 13, 2015

Yep. @mirindacarfrae#wine#hydrationstation#bestfriends#bffls— Rennay Cooke (@Rnay225) January 16, 2015
Mirinda Carfrae herself favorited this tweet. Oh my heart... Here's the referenced photo