Tuesday, February 24, 2015

26 Things

The other day I sent a text to my sister that went something like, "Remember when I used to write a blog? That was fun." I spend a lot of time nowadays watching my head movies (as RER calls them) and when you have tons of time to think you can come up with all sorts of things to write about. What I'm saying is, my absence isn't due to a lack of material.

Since today is my last day as a 26 year old I thought I'd at least throw something together very quickly for the sake of...I don't know, 26-ing. Also yes, tomorrow is my birthday!

Here are 26 things I've learned or thought about since beginning Ironman training:

  1.  My laundry is finally being done regularly. I only have 4 sports bras and 1 bathing suit so laundry needs to be done all the time.
  2. I truly don't have time for things. You know how you say you'll call someone or write that blog or watch that show but you never have time because you're too busy doing some equally unnecessary task? That's not really my life anymore. I wake up, work, train, cook, eat and sleep. Fun stuff
  3. I'm learning to make time for things I really enjoy. Like watching Scandal on Netflix the news.
  4. In making time management decisions I'm also learning which people and activities are truly important to me. This is a good thing.
  5. Sleep is even more important than even I, a certified Good Sleeping Specialist (or GSS for short) realized. I'm sleepy a lot.
  6. It scares me to think I haven't even dipped into the actual training pool yet.
  7. There are only 2 reasons I don't like winter as much as I used to and 1 of them is because of training. I don't hate the treadmill or the trainer like everyone else but I do miss fresh air and sunshine as I sweat it out.
  8. I read somewhere (or maybe someone told me) that if you can't control your mind for a couple hours on a treadmill or bike trainer, you'll have a hell of a time controlling it for a 12+ hour race day. I love that. And believe it. When I'm outside I can distract myself with just about anything but inside I have to face my own mind. Even when it's mean to me. Learning to deal with it now will pay off big time on race day.
  9. Eating 2 rice krispy treats a day won't kill you. In fact, it's fun.
  10. Drinking 4 glasses of wine in a couple of hours won't kill you either, but it will kill your run the next day.
  11. Fun is a choice. That was my wisdom filled gem I released before the Lovin the Hills trail race and I remind myself of it regularly during my workouts. I always say if it's not fun, why do it? So I choose to have as much fun as possible.
  12. I Lived by One Republic is my favorite song. 
  13. By the time race day comes, I'm pretty sure I'll be thrown off when things don't unfold as I imagined them. And not race performance things or anything normal. Things like my friends not standing where I've imagined them standing. I'm very detail oriented.
  14. I'm still a terrible cyclist but I'm making greater gains there than anywhere else. Maybe it's because it's the worst of the 3 disciplines for me so I'm learning a lot or maybe it's because I really am built for power and not speed.
  15. My running is not speeding up. In fact, I think it's slowing down. 
  16. Heart rate training destroys my enormous ego everyday. 
  17. I'm not sure if I want training partners or not. I roll the idea around in my head all the time and I'm sure once I'm doing long runs or rides without specific workouts I'll appreciate it but for now it just feels like a hassle to have people join me for my very specific sessions.
  18. I'm still reluctant to call myself an Ironman in training or even a triathlete at all. I've hit some really big milestones but I'm still too afraid of criticism if I share those gains so I just sort of sit silently in limbo.
  19. I remember being really bummed when one of my blog "friends" blogged less once their training started because I was DYING to know what was going on. Now I realize that they were probably choosing between writing or sleeping and we all know the clear winner.
  20. Aside from my sister, I don't think I know a lot of people who care enough about my training to indulge in every detail of it. If there are, tell me because I will divulge every ridiculous second of my sessions!
  21. I'm in need of more shows to watch on Netflix that The Colonel won't like. Right now it's Scandal but I can't watch without him. Help!
  22. I had no idea I had this many thoughts....
  23. I just read an article regarding weight for Ironman and really enjoyed it. I love science! Read it here.
  24. I decided to splurge on the hotel room for IMLOU and think it'll be money well spent. Even though I live here, not worrying about driving will be one less thing on the long list of to-do's that weekend.
  25. We got a new person at work and she doesn't yet know things about me. So far she's only learned that I'm a vegetarian and that I drink a lot of water.
  26. I would love to get back to blogging regularly but I just can't guarantee that will happen. But in the meantime, just subscribe and you'll be the first to know if I ever post again ;)


  1. That's probably a smart move to just get a hotel room - stay down in the action & not have to worry about traffic. You can always run home if you forgot something. I bet the energy in a hotel is going to be amazing too with all the athletes around you!

  2. Happy birthday!! I love the saying 'fun is a choice'. I have to remember that! You need to watch Blacklist on Netflix! Oh my gosh, best show EVER.