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Seriously?! On the Road Again?!

Why yes. I'm once again joining you from my car. I've calculated that in the past 2 weeks I've spent maybe 4 nights in my bed. Last night we ventured to Eastern Kentucky to see The Colonel's older sister and niece before they flew back to California. They were staying with a family friend in the town (yes, TOWN) he went to high school in. Beautiful it was but I was so far out of my element. Luckily we just hung out, ate, and played with the baby. Yep, held a baby again. She wasn't too scary now that I'm a seasoned veteran (ha) but she managed to cry and fuss enough that I still stand firm in my barren, sterile existence that ends when I die. Has anyone else seen that episode of Seinfeld? Anyway, I did find that EKY is not terribly vegetarian friendly. There wasn't a veggie burger to be found and when I tried ordering an egg mcmuffin without Canadian bacon she kept correcting me to say double instead of no. Otherwise it was an interesting little trip. As muc…

Home Sweet Home?

Well I'm finally back home and planting myself here for the next long while. I feel like crap. I managed a 3-ish hour nap once I finally got here but woke up feeling sluggish, still tired and full on hangry. *Hangry is a term derived from the American words "hungry" and "angry" and describes a rather terrifying state of being. I'm still hangry. One of the worst parts of being gone is coming home to bare cabinets and empty freezers. I ate a waffle with peanut butter and an orange. Aside from that, I've had water and an almond bar to eat. I suspect that's contributing to my general awfulness.

Since I have a few moments, I'll finally recap what's been going on. Last Sunday The Colonel experienced a death in the family. Tuesday we drove up to Michigan and our completely impromptu trip ended up lasting until Sunday. It was so great to meet his family and learn a bit about the country life but it was also emotionally draining as you might expect. …

Heading Home

Greetings from my car located somewhere outside of Indianapolis. We are driving home from Michigan and picked up an extra passenger. The Colonel's youngest brother caught a ride with us and is going to hang around for a day or two. That means I snagged the back seat and have been sleeping off and on without feeling guilty. As soon as we get home I have to do laundry and pack because I'm heading out to Dallas obnoxiously early tomorrow morning for a couple of days. Then once I'm back Wednesday or Thursday I have to get into adequately trained beginner triathlete mode and head to Cincinnati Saturday for my first tri of the year. Look who has a calendar all of a sudden. I'll recap my many trips soon but for now it's another hundred miles of the stunning Indiana landscape.

Vegetarian in Michigan

Greetings from what may or may not be Jackson, Michigan. The Colonel and I are currently in Michigan for a not so great occasion but on the bright side it's been quite an experience meeting his family for the first time. Holy Mosquitos am I in the country! Huge change for my apparently city girl self but I'm having a blast. Here are my 2 favorite photos so far and I'll catch up with you all soon!

Sunday Funday!

Happy Mother's Day! I'm not always good with words, especially when they express sentiment or tender feelings of any kind so I'll just leave this conversation with my mom as a reason why I love her:

Mom: Do you have to work tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty much the reason Kathy doesn't have to work on days like Mother's Day.
Mom: Why?
Me: You know, because she has kids and stuff.
Mom: So? Nobody told her to go do something like that.

Since my mom hates taking pictures, here are some that she was probably forced to take by someone else...from like 5 years ago.

Mother's Day cruise to the Bahamas
My high school graduation
Same cruise
Wearing her slightly smudged Team Rennay tshirt at my first half
My mom also hates attention so I'll move on and let her be.

Yesterday I ran the Throo the Zoo 5K which I've wanted to do for a while but never got around to. It's definitely got some hills but they're all pretty short climbs except the last one which is act…

Pizza Rolls!

You know those commercials where the dumb kids call their mom complaining about how hungry they are and she's trying to explain to them how to look in the freezer and find Tostino's Pizza Rolls? No? Maybe I just watch too much tv. Anyway, I think most people have some kind of history and possibly past love affair with those tasty treats but have you ever looked at the nutrition facts? Or at how much they cost when you buy them every other day? Or the ingredients? Well I am here to tell you there's a better way. Thanks to Once a Month Mom I found a great recipe for homemade pizza rolls (which I think is originally made for picky eating toddlers but The Colonel is practically the same thing...). You have to be a member to get recipes so I can't link you to it, but I can give you an overview. Once a Month Mom doesn't pay me to say they're awesome, I'm just saying it because it's true!

So! Step one is to get your ingredients:

Wonton WrappersTomato SauceAny f…

What DO You Eat?

I get this question a lot. Far more than I ever expected to get it. Have you ever heard that joke, "How do you know if there's a vegan at a party? Don't worry, they'll tell you." I think it's hilarious and cracks me up every time I'm at a party or any event because inevitably what I eat, or more so, what I don't eat comes up in conversation. It's usually from the host/hostess asking if I have dietary restrictions or discussing the menu and they say something like, "Oh, do you eat red meat?" (People often get the impression I'm some kind of health nut and ask me questions like this a lot. Weird, I know.) and then I say something like, "No..." and they say "Oh well we'll have chicken too." And I smile politely but my lack of enthusiasm elicits panic and more questioning, "Do you eat chicken?" or "You don't eat chicken either?" I then am forced to respond with another "No" and si…

The Derby Hangover

Why hello there from my couch. I'm not actually hungover, don't worry but I am having a bit of a food hangover which means lots of juicing and cooking tonight/next week. But all in all it was a wildly successful Derby weekend and for that I am grateful. Oaks night aka Derby Eve aka Friday I went to my former boss' hat party and had a good time catching up with my old coworkers, drooling over his house and not making eye contact with the good looking, lightly clothed bartenders. I had a couple of drinks and some delicious little bites and most importantly received a lot of compliments on how nice I looked. Score! For the record, I'm a really terrible awful...but on the bright side that means the second I strap on a high heel or add a little eyeliner I'm suddenly a supermodel.

Oaks Day/Hat Party Attire
On Derby day I went to see my good friend's baby girl and provide mommy with some grown up conversation. I also brought diapers. I'm not great at…