Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seriously?! On the Road Again?!

Why yes. I'm once again joining you from my car. I've calculated that in the past 2 weeks I've spent maybe 4 nights in my bed. Last night we ventured to Eastern Kentucky to see The Colonel's older sister and niece before they flew back to California. They were staying with a family friend in the town (yes, TOWN) he went to high school in. Beautiful it was but I was so far out of my element. Luckily we just hung out, ate, and played with the baby. Yep, held a baby again. She wasn't too scary now that I'm a seasoned veteran (ha) but she managed to cry and fuss enough that I still stand firm in my barren, sterile existence that ends when I die. Has anyone else seen that episode of Seinfeld? Anyway, I did find that EKY is not terribly vegetarian friendly. There wasn't a veggie burger to be found and when I tried ordering an egg mcmuffin without Canadian bacon she kept correcting me to say double instead of no. Otherwise it was an interesting little trip. As much as I like Dallas and at times rave about it, it takes a royal beating when it comes to classic Kentucky scenery. I forget how green it is here sometimes and it's nice to be able to appreciate it every now and then. Fingers crossed that soon I'll get a nice long nap in my own bed before we head out on the next adventure!

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