Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Derby Hangover

Why hello there from my couch. I'm not actually hungover, don't worry but I am having a bit of a food hangover which means lots of juicing and cooking tonight/next week. But all in all it was a wildly successful Derby weekend and for that I am grateful. Oaks night aka Derby Eve aka Friday I went to my former boss' hat party and had a good time catching up with my old coworkers, drooling over his house and not making eye contact with the good looking, lightly clothed bartenders. I had a couple of drinks and some delicious little bites and most importantly received a lot of compliments on how nice I looked. Score! For the record, I'm a really terrible awful...but on the bright side that means the second I strap on a high heel or add a little eyeliner I'm suddenly a supermodel.

Oaks Day/Hat Party Attire

On Derby day I went to see my good friend's baby girl and provide mommy with some grown up conversation. I also brought diapers. I'm not great at mommy/baby etiquette so it took some googling on my part to figure out the rules. Luckily my friend doesn't suck and knows me well enough to tell me what size diapers and not expect anything else. There was still no holding of Baby E but I've now made a June 1st goal for it to happen. Another month's worth of work on head control and I think we can have a relationship. I did however put her pacifier back in her mouth TWICE. And you have to get pretty close to a baby to do that. Flying high after that major win I was ready to take on the Derby. My original picks didn't pan out but I bet a few dollars on some random horses at the party I went to and won $20. Well done Orb!

Cash money y'all 

Old Fashioned Derby look

Just to toot my own horn, I decorated my hat myself. Being the cheapo bad dresser that I am, picking out a proper Derby hat just wasn't reasonable so I wandered into Hobby Lobby Thursday afternoon and came out with a plain black hat and some cute embellishments. Less than an hour later, I had a Derby hat!

So another Derby comes to an end and the traffic here in the city gets back to normal. Despite the semi-cold rainy weather Derby weekend serves as an unofficial start to summer. I'm making all kinds of plans and hoping this will be my best summer yet! There is a great tri on the 18th at Taylorsville Lake that I'd really like to do but my confidence isn't quite there yet. I might hold out until the 25th but we'll see. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love the hat! That's how you do it - create your own! STYLE right there!