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End of 2013 Part 2

Let post #80 for 2013 commence!


In July I went to the great nation of Peru! I didn't blog much between travel, marathoning and starting a new job...again but I did do recaps of my trip so obviously they win July.

Vegetarian in Peru: A Love Story...Part 3

There's no contest for August. Winner winner is the biggest accomplishment of other people's lives.
Ironman Louisville 2013

I got married in September which was awesome. But that's not the post that wins. The winner is my favorite post I've written so far.
5 Things You Should and Should NOT Say to Your Endurance Athlete Friend
There's no picture for this post so here's one...

I spent a third of the year training for a silly little race that I finally ran in October so let's talk about that shall we?
Louisville Dream Factory Marathon Race Recap

Depressed about my leg I've chosen Thanksgiving to be the winner here. Although I also didn't take any pictures. I was a bad…

End of 2013 Part 1

I have to do this post in 2 parts because if I don't I'll have 79 posts for 2013 and I can't end on an odd number. Don't judge me. It's not nice.

As much as I enjoy closure, I don't enjoy year end wrap up things unless it's a countdown of best/worst pop culture moments. I don't really need to write a recap of my year because that's why I write a blog during the year. See? I can just look at what I want to remember!

I think this is the first year I actually wrote at least one blog every month. That's a big deal since I'm a historically unreliable blogger. Since I want to fit in, I'll do a recap of my favorite posts from each month. And then that will give me something to write about in part 2.


In January I started what would end up being a brief stint in graduate school and abandoned my dream of an olympic triathlon and got really sick for the first time in ages. But those blogs weren't interesting. The winner in this category …

Back in the Ville and Back in Business!

Hey there everyone and Happy Sunday!
I woke up this morning finally recovered from traveling home from Puerto Rico. I obviously didn't need to recover from my busy week of nothing but making our way home Friday was a nightmare! I managed to get my om on during the 4 hour flight and go through everything that was good at that moment instead of pulling my fingernails off one by one to distract myself from the screaming children and barking dog. I think om-ing was a much better choice.

So what were some of those good things? Oh just the usual, I have a place to live, a nice guy hanging around, pets I like, the plane wasn't crashing, oh yeah, and I got my dream job!
I wasn't actively looking for a new job. My current position was just fine, not great but it was a positive atmosphere and work environment which is what I will always need in life. I hate changing jobs, I equate it to moving. BUT I also have a really hard time settling which has lead to more professional shifts than …

Vegetarian in Puerto Rico

Hey friends! As you may or may not remember, I got married something like 3 months ago and The Colonel and I just got around to going on that little trip that comes after. Since snow is useless when one can't snowboard I decided to run away from it and soak up some vitamin D in the lovely land of Puerto Rico!
I'll have some pretty big news when I get back but for now here are some pictures to envy as you anxiously await the next installment.

Ghost Mode and Some Random Facts

To appease the angry mob outside of my window all day and night, I now give you a new blog post.

As I'm sure you loyal readers have noticed, I've basically been in ghost mode since Thanksgiving. It wasn't deliberate at first but now it kind of is. I'm not really ready to blog about some of the things that have been going on and keeping me pretty occupied so I just haven't been blogging at all. In addition, I'm going on a real vacation next week and will be happily out of touch with society for 5 days.

BUT before I leave I thought it would be fun to follow suit with my Texan transplant friend Celeste from Our Fabulous Life in the Suburbs and give you a few fun facts about me that you likely don't know from just following my blog. Make sure you stop by the 'burbs and say hello to Celeste! Her blog is a completely different vibe from this one primarily because she not only loves kids, but also has one. And he's actually cute! Super cute! Which must be …