Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back in the Ville and Back in Business!

Hey there everyone and Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning finally recovered from traveling home from Puerto Rico. I obviously didn't need to recover from my busy week of nothing but making our way home Friday was a nightmare! I managed to get my om on during the 4 hour flight and go through everything that was good at that moment instead of pulling my fingernails off one by one to distract myself from the screaming children and barking dog. I think om-ing was a much better choice.

So what were some of those good things? Oh just the usual, I have a place to live, a nice guy hanging around, pets I like, the plane wasn't crashing, oh yeah, and I got my dream job!

I wasn't actively looking for a new job. My current position was just fine, not great but it was a positive atmosphere and work environment which is what I will always need in life. I hate changing jobs, I equate it to moving. BUT I also have a really hard time settling which has lead to more professional shifts than I'd care to remember. I decided when I took my current job I was happy and that I could stay until I saw something I absolutely HAD to have come up or finally hit a lightbulb that told me where to go. I was hopeful I'd just love what I was doing and never leave. 

And then I got on Facebook. My favorite running store was hiring for a marketing coordinator. In case you didn't know, my first career path and degree was Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Marketing. Apparently 2010 wasn't the year to graduate in that field because even with my many internships and doing literally everything right in college I couldn't find a job. But it's never been something I've been able to fully give up on so when I saw this posting I literally HAD to have it. 

On Friday I stopped by the store after work to talk to the operator who I knew loosely from the running circuit and from being at the store and group runs all the time which I took in my favor. We ended up just chatting for about an hour and afterwards I talked to some of the staff which was fun. I left feeling good and not just because I was leaving for vacation Sunday!

On Tuesday The Colonel and I were playing in the waves and finally came up for air to lay around and check in with the world. There was the email! I got the job! I'd done a great job of staying busy and not worrying about what would happen so that made it even sweeter when I got the word. I contacted the appropriate channels to get things moving and can now announce my latest career move to the world.

Or you know, the three of you.

On top of that, I've gotten on the elliptical twice in the past week totaling about 45 minutes and a little over 3 miles with no pain in my leg! I should mention that I self cleared myself for elliptical activity. I was supposed to go to good Dr. Smith in the morning for the all clear but in typical doctor's office fashion they bumped me until Friday. Since that would make nearly 7 weeks on crutches and 9 weeks since I've run a step on land I decided I was ready for the elliptical at least. I haven't had pain in my leg for quite some time and since the rule of thumb for stress fractures is "nothing that hurts" I decided if it didn't hurt I could do it...slowly. So I very slowly ellipticalled along hardly sweating or increasing my heart rate just to make sure I wouldn't regret it in the morning and so far so good. I'm also pain free doing planks and yoga!

Things are seriously good right now and I can't wait to start 2014 off on the right feet!

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