Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of 2013 Part 1

I have to do this post in 2 parts because if I don't I'll have 79 posts for 2013 and I can't end on an odd number. Don't judge me. It's not nice.

As much as I enjoy closure, I don't enjoy year end wrap up things unless it's a countdown of best/worst pop culture moments. I don't really need to write a recap of my year because that's why I write a blog during the year. See? I can just look at what I want to remember!

I think this is the first year I actually wrote at least one blog every month. That's a big deal since I'm a historically unreliable blogger. Since I want to fit in, I'll do a recap of my favorite posts from each month. And then that will give me something to write about in part 2.


In January I started what would end up being a brief stint in graduate school and abandoned my dream of an olympic triathlon and got really sick for the first time in ages. But those blogs weren't interesting. The winner in this category is...


February was an unusually grumpy month and also when I turned 25. I think between grad school and growing up I was having all kinds of craziness so we'll go with a winner featuring cute pictures of my dog...


Although the race was in February, the recap wasn't until March. My Golden Birthday celebration was a 13.1 mile stroll through Disney World and it was as magical as I'd always imagined it to be!


I spent a lot of March/April gearing up for the Derby Festival mini (half) marathon which turned out to be a big fat bust. Worst race I've had in a long time which left me pretty disappointed. Not surprisingly, that race recap doesn't win for best post but another recap does.


May included a lot of impromptu traveling under less than ideal conditions. But I also wrote probably one of my second favorite posts ever.


I should probably choose the post when I told you all I was engaged. But that's not a very interesting one. In early June I had probably my first itty bitty spark to do a trail race, a trail marathon and eventually an ultra. But I didn't really know it until looking back on it now. I love being a race volunteer.

And we've now reached the end of part 1. Stay tuned for July-December! 


  1. you have lost so much weight! I've watched you work so hard this year!

  2. I'm so jealous of your Disney Princess race :)