Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free for all Friday No. 4

Happy February! This is of course the best month of the year, which is why it's also the shortest. Never want to give too much of a good thing. Thanks to Run Eat Repeat I'm journeying through the plank a day challenge thing and it sucks since I hate planks. But that is a perk of February being the shortest month. February is also great because I get to go on vacation! Where, you ask? Disney World! It's finally time for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! About time huh? That's how I feel. Even though my training is sucky and completely off track I'm still just not that concerned for some reason. Self confidence? Delusion? Whichever. Which brings me to the final reason February is just so special, my birthday! And yes, it's the super special Golden Birthday! The possibilities are endless for my great birthday vacation even though I'll still be doing homework and I'm so looking forward to it.

More on that later, now, let's get back to the Free for All. Yesterday I had my normal breakfast and a normal lunch. Then I thought about my free for all and you know what? I didn't really want anything crazy! What's that all about? I ate a few chips between lunch and dinner and then realized what I really wanted, carrots and dip!

ImageDon't let the packaging fool you, it's not just sour cream and chives, it's a special dip. And it's awesome. So The Colonel walked in, looked at my snack and said "That's not a free for all." I mean, it's a cream based dip! That's all calorie laden right? I had ice cream in the freezer too and was all amped up to eat dessert after dinner. So as a free for all I did do this:

ImageSpinach ravioli, Alfredo AND bread! I never made it to the ice cream but this seemed free enough. Maybe that's the secret of the free for all, the more you have the less you want? I didn't crave pizza, french fries or nachos. I think since I'm less restrictive I'm actually doing a lot better overall. I lost 6 pounds when I was sick and despite my free for alls I gained back 2 (count it!) pounds which I think came from being re-hydrated. So overall I've actually managed to lose more weight without "trying". I'm just eating better overall. My base diet isn't bad and my cheats really aren't that bad either, especially since they're isolated. All in all, pretty happy with how this year is going. But now I need to get back to Sit down, Shut up and Study Saturday. Enjoy some photos of my dog's birthday yesterday! My baby girl is 4 years old! I can't believe it. We don't know when her birthday really is since she was a stray so we just kind of went with it. She was happy and that's all that mattered. Happy Weekend!

Image Image


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