Monday, April 7, 2014

Vietnam Kitchen

I don't feel that I've taken true advantage of my Vegetarian in the Ville name so I did a little recon over the weekend to bring you a fun new (to me) little vegetarian friendly restaurant right here in Louisville.

Vietnam Kitchen is a little restaurant located in the South End and is apparently kind of a big deal. What can I say? I don't get out much. But we were being spontaneous and adventurous so we hopped in the car, pulled up the map app and typed in Thai food. Nothing withing 5 minutes. So we switched to Vietnamese. The first restaurant we got to was closed. The app said they closed at 9 but it was actually 8. Which in real time meant they locked the doors at 10 till. Alright. Back in the car for the next closest place.

It was a cool little place and had two very important attributes that make it a new staple in my diet.

A full page of vegetarian dishes (talk about overwhelming)

And ginger ale...because I'm 60. At least.

I started with the most obvious item on the menu, avocado spring rolls with peanut sauce.

I've got to admit, they were weird. Not bad weird but definitely nothing I'm used to. They were stuffed with lettuce, avocado and noodles and that was just an odd combo. Did I still eat it? Of course. The things I do for you people...

While we waited for the main course I admired a little bling on the walls in the shape of multiple LEO Weekly Best of Louisville awards. Yep, kind of a big deal and apparently everyone else already knew about it.

The main course came out a little while later and I must say, the presentation made me feel really fancy and I pretended to be a Real Housewife for a second. But I was much more interested in eating the food than throwing it so that fantasy was short lived.

I can't tell you what I ordered because I can't pronounce it. But I can tell you what was in it! I chose the bed of brown rice with veggies on top. They were cooked in a similar peanuty sauce as the one that came with the spring rolls and there were carrots, broccoli, onions and tofu. I generally hate tofu but they made it edible and for that I am grateful! I was way full by the halfway mark (pitiful) and had to box it up. I was pleased they gave me 2 separate containers so the rice wouldn't get all soggy from soaking in the sauce overnight. They also let you pack it up yourself which I appreciate. I like to have my eyes on my food as much as possible.

And for you meat eaters out there, don't you fret. It's not all weeds and seeds. The Colonel ordered some kind of chicken curry something and it had a mildly impressive presentation. Ok, it looked nice too, but I'm never impressed by a meat dish ;)

Dining out success! It was an easy location to get to, plenty of parking (think NOT Bardstown Rd.), busy but not packed or crowded feeling and the staff all really worked as a team so we felt constantly taken care of without being smothered.

We ended the night with fortune cookies of course. I don't actually understand my fortune...

Did you try anything new over the weekend?


  1. That fortune is very confusing... Also I SALTS at weeds and seeds!

  2. Confucius is just confusing.
    I've never heard of that place either - it all looks & sound delish!
    We order from a Chinese place that packs things separately & I so appreciate that too!