Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Ode to the Ninja

It's been a rough week. But the one thing that has done more than anything else to help me through it has been my dear Ninja Master Prep Pro System. Here's a quick photo tour through my morning smoothie preparation.

Part One of a successful base, Kale

Part Two of a successful base, Spinach

You're also going to need help

Lots of wiggly help...

Insert frozen berries...not the best but better than nothing

For consistency...

What ended up being too much honey...

Work it Ninja!

Ta Da! I blended a bit more after this but look how great it is!

On an even better note, this morning I strayed from the berry smoothie and did a fresh pineapple and pink lady apple blend. Ah. May. Zing! In yesterday's Green Bean bin I got a big ol', ripe, delicious, fresh pineapple! This morning I "ran" downstairs like a kid on Christmas to slice my pineapple. It was heavenly.

I'm lucky at least some of it made it into a bowl!

What's your favorite thing in your kitchen?


  1. My favorite thing in my kitchen is a toss up between my Cuisinart 7 cup food processor or my Cuisinart (sooo not sponsored, it's just coincidence) hand mixer/immersion blender thingy. I used the whisk attachment for the first time yesterday, to make whipped cream. It's the fastest thing ever. I think I had whipped cream in under a minute (usually takes me 3+ whisking by hand...but then it's a workout, right?). If you like vegetarian recipes, check out the link "eat like a labbit" on my blog.

  2. When me and my sister used to live together we had a hand food processor but she got custody when we moved out. I need a new one so I'll check that one out. Thanks for the recipes! I can always use more!