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The Verdict

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (yes, I've just learned how to use instagram and twitter) then you pretty much already know what the verdict is. Turns out that mysterious pain in my leg I've been complaining about yet ignoring for months is a femoral stress fracture. What does that mean? No weight bearing for 6 weeks (December 23rd) which means crutches and no running, walking or cycling.

Now that I've had time to digest the news I'd say I'm doing ok. Probably slightly under par. I am doing the stay positive thing and as much positive self talk as I can stomach and for the most part it's ok. I smile and am overly chipper throughout the day to keep the spirits up but by nighttime it all sort of rolls in and I just wanna stomp my feet and cry. I don't stomp, since that would just make things worse but I do sometimes get all teary and huffy and witchy.

Let's do a brief recap. Last Monday I had the initial appointment with the ortho and was scheduled for an MRI that Wednesday. That Wednesday morning I get a call canceling my MRI because it was scheduled at the wrong office. Thursday I get a call from the correct office and schedule my MRI for this past Monday. I get all dressed up at the MRI place and lay freezing on a table with headphones and a bad blanket for 40 minutes. This past Wednesday I went in for my follow up, get the news and head home on crutches. Yesterday was frustrating but today things are better.

I'm not too grumpy about being crutched up until nighttime. But don't they say everything's worse at night? That's usually when I'm just tired and my brave smiling face wears off. It doesn't help that I'm hardly home in the evenings before it's time to pack my bag(s) for the next morning and go to bed.

But my dear Colonel has put up with me like a champ. I was worried he would be too protective and want me to stop everything but he's been nothing but supportive and even went as far as to carry my packed swimming bags to my car for me last night so I wouldn't have to take so many trips in the morning. If he (we) has learned anything in the past couple of years it's that I may be tired and grumpy but I'm even worse when I don't get to take it out on myself. My success is measured by sweat.

In the meantime, I have to figure out a time to do my worldly thinking and internal blog writing since that was all previously done during those runs I loved and the ones I didn't feel like doing. I'm not a good enough swimmer to think and swim BUT I tried my hand at aqua jogging this morning per Coach Mike's recommendation and it went pretty well...I think. Once I get the hang of it maybe I can get some long thoughts in then. I feel like I've got a lot of exciting things in the cue right now but I haven't had the time to sit down and write/think them out. Hopefully I'll get back to being more regular soon. But if you simply can't get enough of me and waiting on me to finish one of my 13 blog drafts is excruciating, seriously head over to instagram and twitter and follow me. If you're not following me you're missing out on wonderful tidbits like my thoughts on the newest Superman, crutchin' to the gym, my cuddly cat and of course, what I'm eating.

So tell me, any thoughts about aqua jogging? Have you done it?


  1. I'm super impressed how you're handling it!!!

    I need to find a stupid pool. Water aerobics just sounds like fun to me :)


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