Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Thoughts

So just in case the world ends I thought I'd share some final thoughts know...the world and living in it.

  • I think that if the world ends, we deserve it. I'm a tree hugging, environmentalist, go green, recycling, vegetarian. I think the state our planet is in and is going into is despicable and I think it's due to our own apathy and greed. The Earth is like our body and you get out what you put in. We can't continue to contribute nothing to the Earth and expect to keep reaping the same benefits. I hope that if (when) the world doesn't end we get another chance to do things right.
  • On a more selfish note, I hope the world doesn't end before I get a chance to lose 40 pounds of an eventual 60+. I'm a little off track right now for a variety of reasons and I hope I get more time to work it out.
  • If we do all explode or get engulfed in liquid hot magma, I hope we'll get to be reborn or at least pick up where we left off sort of. Looking back, I've made a lot of accomplishments in my life and don't really want to have to Lance Armstrong them all or start all over. (Lance Armstrong joke...too soon?)
  • Wouldn't it be kind of cool if everything was covered and preserved like Pompeii and we all got out just in time and then came back years later to uncover it all? Kind of like a time capsule? And then we could study the ruins of Old Earth to figure out how to keep New Earth fresh and new? You know it would be cool. We all want to be archaeologists.
  • This is a really uninspired post which is sad since it might be my last one ever. But I feel a little like I'm forcing myself into writing it as a just in case. Do you think New Earth will have internet? Don't we weigh less in space? I could enjoy that. What about the animals? Would they have little snow globe head helmets like us? Would we still have sunlight? Most pictures from space look really dark. Do space pics have better quality at night? Would we have to run with thrusters on so we wouldn't float? Or would anti-gravity sports become the norm? In that case would people be afraid of the ground instead of heights? You know, since we'd all be floating/flying around. I just wouldn't want to get all flabby if our muscles atrophied.

What about you? Any final thoughts for astronauts who uncover this stuff in a million years?


  1. I love this! And now I'm just having fun picturing my goofy dogs in astronaut suits!

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