Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stage Mom

I started writing this on Thursday...please excuse the delay in posting :)

It's 11:27pm on a Thursday and I'm not in bed. Instead I'm in horrendous traffic, freezing cold and riding back from Indianapolis. Today I played stage mom. Only not really.

As you know, I went through a long period of racing a LOT. Weekend after weekend all spring and summer long. And who is always by my side, carrying bags, finding parking, juggling water bottles and generally containing my crazy? The Colonel of course! So now it's my turn. Part of my retirement which is still in full force (well partial force) is to be more supportive of the people in my life who have always been so supportive of me in my endeavors. This means watching more and to some degree doing less. 

Tonight The Colonel had his first Golden Gloves amateur boxing match! It was something he's always wanted to do and this year got serious about it. He's been training like crazy, eating like crazy and most importantly, running like crazy! Eeeeee! My cold little heart could just explode! I see a half Mary in his future btw. This morning, to cut a couple more pounds, we went for a family walk. Me in my new to me Brooks Glycerines and he in his sauna suit (Armani of course wore her usual attire).

We walked about 2 miles before learning the loop at Iroquois park we normally walk was closed so instead of being a mile from the car we were now 2 miles away. We were short on time so I left TC with the dog, told them to keep walking and ran the 2 miles back to the car.
Now I should mention that I'm terribly out of shape right now. I've recovered from that silly stress fracture but lost some fitness in the meantime. I also now have a hip issue from all of that compensating for said fracture so I've been seeing a chiropractor and continuing my acupuncture which has helped. But it makes running tricky. I'm still doing it but short mileage and very slow. But this weekend is my favorite race in the city of Louisville, the Papa John's 10 Miler which I am not running. The worst part of the run are these 2 miles in Iroquois park. Lucky me, I did them today just for good measure and yep, they still suck. And I don't even get a tshirt. Stupid.

We made it home with time to spare then got everything packed up and into the car. I do believe boxing requires an equal if not higher amount of gear as a Tri. And that scares me. We picked up my mom, TC's boxing coach and filled up and were on our way. Every time I drive to Indy I swear it gets farther away. I may not be made for road trips. I'd fly to work if I could afford it. 

Long story short, I was the Sherpa and I did it all! It's hard work! I know we all always thank our support systems regularly but in case you need a friendly reminder, do it. Now. It's hard. Especially if said Sherpa is a nervous nelly and you're participating in an activity that could injure (or kill) you.

For his first amateur fight he did great! Landed some good shots and combos and the most important part (for me at least) was once his coach took his head gear off he had a big smile on his face and I knew he was happy with his performance. Isn't that all any of us can ask for?

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  1. So cool that you get to cheer him on in something as he has cheered you on in the past :)
    Really? Papa John's is your favorite? I LOATHE that race... no way I woulda ran it without getting a medal or a shirt.. no way...