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The Iron-Baby

Hey there!

How are things?

I've just been swimming and biking and running and eating and stretching and getting strong. Or at least trying. The great Swim Bike Mom wrote about the similarities between Ironman (9 months of training) and childbirth (9 months of, you go into labor/race day and it's almost total misery especially towards the very end but then the moment of glory comes and you have a tiny (or huge) little (or big) baby (or medal) that makes you forget everything you just went through. that accurate? I hope so. Because I want to love my IronBaby!

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So I've started working with a coach and he is awesome! I'm on day 13 with him and so far so good! I feel like he really took the time to get to know me and my current fitness level and has written workouts that are challenging but still doable. I don't feel like I'm struggling but also don't feel like I'm doing nothing. In my head I've turned Ironman into a monster that requires exercising myself into oblivion but he has turned it into something much more manageable. Especially since I'm not truly training yet and just base building and establishing a routine.

I am loving "training" so far because 30 miles and 6 hours a week is pretty easy...ask me again in 6 months how that baby's doing ;)


  1. Keep enjoying it while you can :)
    I love you have a sister who helps pass the time with training :)

  2. I'm glad you were pain free for the 10 miler! I considered doing that race was so cold!! ;)
    That's awesome that things are going well with your coach too!

  3. In 6 months, you'll be in the last trimester and you'll just want that Ironbaby :) !


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