Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Excited!!!

I wish I could come up with a more clever title but sometimes sacrifices need to be made. It's a plus that I'm even blogging at all actually. Anyhow, let me explain...

For the past, I don't know, 6 or 7 months I really haven't been myself. I've been constantly exhausted, constantly irritated, unmotivated and gluttonous. We also won't even get into the constant headaches. It turned into a cycle. Depressed because I've gained so much weight, which lead me to eat more, which lead to more depression, which lead to no energy, which lead to less exercise, which lead to more weight gain and eventually just got to giving up (unmotivated). Who was I becoming???? I worked 4 jobs and was a full time student for years during college! I studied every day for months and took the LSAT! I ran a freaking marathon and woke up at 5:30 in the morning 6 days  a week to do it! And now I couldn't even WALK a mile. Every day it was the struggle of all struggles to get me out of bed (ask Tyler). Something had to be done.

And it was. I went to the doctor and had blood work and Friday got the results back, extremely low Vitamin D. Feel free to Google what that means exactly but you'll basically just get a big picture of me (though I may just be a bit vain...). Forgive me for not knowing the exact measurements but a relatively health adult's vitamin D levels are between 32 and 100 somethings. My level was 8. See the problem? So now we're trying to jumpstart my body into recognizing vitamin D and also producing it's own endorphins by taking a vitamin supplement once a week and my trusty antidepressant every night. 5 words: Thank God for Health Insurance.

So why are we excited? Because I'm already feeling so much better! I had the energy today to go to the store with my sister and do the dishes, clean the kitchen and start my crock pot dinner. It may  not sound like much but after 6 months of only being able to do one task per WEEK (i.e. one week grocery shopping, next week dishes, next week cleaning...ish) it's an incredible feeling! Ps- for any of you who know how orderly I like things, you can only imagine how upset I am that my house has been in some sort of disarray.

That's all for now. I'm really looking forward to getting back to running, cooking, blogging and basically being a productive member of society!

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  1. Patricia L GrandinettiApril 10, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    Glad to hear you're back into the swing of things. Also glad to know it's as simple as a vitamin deficiency.