Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Gotta Grind Gotta Get Mine"

It's August 1st! Oh. em. gee! My race is in 24 days! So unbelievable! Even more so because I have yet to do a proper workout this week. Ok, so we did a mini-tri on Monday just to see what it was like. We (me and Alexis) swam the full race length (500m) then biked 6.1 miles (was supposed to be 5 but there were...issues. race distance is 10mi) then I ran 1.5 miles and Alexis ran 2. My swim wasn't great, not sure why but on my bike I flew (I use that word loosely) along like normal. I can't wait until race day when it's just "ride without worrying about traffic lights and cars" time. Wonder how fast I can go... Anyway, then came the run. Seriously, I was another person. I ran an 11:55 mile! I haven't done that since before the hiatus. Back in the day (a Wednesday) I used to run right around a 10 minute mile. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster but usually about 10. When I came back after my 2 years off I was completing miles in about 15 minutes. Notice I didn't say "running". I was not exactly running miles. By about April or so I was sticking with 13-14 minute miles. And 13 minutes was pretty rare. On July 13th I ran a 12:45 mile (on hills) and was pretty spent. Although it was also extremely hot and after work. I had no idea I was capable of 11:55 though. So because of my super sprint tri on Monday I took 2 days off. Actually yesterday I was exhausted for some reason. I don't know that Monday's workout was the reason. And today I'm still a little tired but mostly just being lazy. Tomorrow morning I'm planning to swim but with having to work an hour earlier on Thursdays I generally do a brick after work. The official training plan doesn't have anymore bricks scheduled and has me back to resting 2 days per week instead of 1. I guess I've done my 2 days so back to the grind tomorrow.

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