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Things I'm Behind On

Hey friends! Or whoever is left. As you know I typically don't apologize for a break in blogging because sometimes life is better being lived than written about and that's definitely been the case for me over the past few months.


Anyway, in addition to blogging I thought I'd let you know of a few other things I'm behind on so you can truly believe that it's not you, it's me.

Personal Training Stuff
I try to read the best fitness articles of the week every week that I receive from the Personal Trainer Development Center. I don't think I've read one since August... I have however been reading a lot of studies, articles and magazines ACE has sent me so I'm not a totally terrible trainer. But I have a lot of work to do to get better and obviously that's a big goal of mine. I've been keeping up really well with my online personal training clients and miracle of miracles the ones I had on 4 week plans have renewed for more! I was also offered the opportunity to interview with and learn from a fairly new local fitness facility here in town but yesterday I ended up declining. I have mixed feelings about whether or not that was the right decision but for now I think it had to be done and with the things I have coming up, it seemed crazy to try to take on more.

Speaking of things coming up, I do have that little Ironman race next year. Yes, it's still over a year away but that won't be the case for much longer so I really need to get myself into base building mode and onto the bike. I need to swim more too of course but since the bike is my Achilles heel it's what's really freaking me out. I also still need to decide on a coach. I'm pretty sure I've found one but haven't had the time to really sit down and map it out financially yet. Between wedding planning, working, training others and marathon training myself it just hasn't been able to be a priority.

So yeah, I actually am still training for a marathon. It's coming up in just over 2 weeks which is freaking me out just a smidge. I've fallen behind on training some and while I've gotten all of my long runs in I've missed some shorter ones during the week and have all but abandoned speed work. I did 10 hilly miles with my sister Friday and aside from not bringing any nutrition and reaching stages of hanger I'm not interested in repeating, felt really good and actually clocked a much faster pace than normal. Maybe it's because I was thinking it was only 10 miles or maybe it was the cooler weather or maybe I'm actually getting in better shape. Who knows.

I couldn't run yesterday because even my crappy sports bras were dirty. Today I'm wearing running tights disguised as leggings at work because I'm quite literally out of things to cover my bottom. This is real life.

I'm eating organic pizza bites, applesauce and cheese for lunch today because I'm out of just about everything else. I'm also deciding on a huge lifestyle change tonight which I really think will be for the better but it's yet another thing I have really mixed feelings about. I'll let you in on it soon but if you think hard you can probably figure it out.

So yeah, there are 5 things other than blogging I've also fallen behind on kind of because of each of them and not knowing how to prioritize but mainly because I had a wedding on Saturday! If you follow me on Facebook you already knew that but for those who don't, Saturday was my one year anniversary so since we eloped last year we had a wedding this year. Planning was the bane of my existence but everything turned out wonderfully. Maybe I'll write about it one day...but probably not. I'll show you some pictures though.

I was eating Cheetos and drinking a passion fruit tea from Starbucks. Bad idea in a white dress...
Even though we look like we're just laying on the floor Half of Team Awesome and I were actually having a plank-off. This is why you never attend your trainer's wedding.
Go Cards!


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