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So now I live in Louisville and have a place to live and a job so the time consuming myself with looking for a place to live and a job is now vacant and I don't know what to do so I'm considering blogging again. How's that for a sentence? Anyway, currently:

Current Music: I have been way into the Justin Timberlake Pandora station lately but I've also been listening to the Undisclosed podcast because I'm apparently stuck in 2014 and just finished Serial like a month ago.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Bravo TV. I think I'm watching like 4 Bravo shows right now. I should probably be embarrassed but I'm not. Not at all.

Current Drink: Besides a ton of water because it's so effing hot here right now (and apparently everywhere) I'm way into Trader Joe's Rooibos and Honeybush tea. This is a leftover from a little elimination diet I did (did I ever mention that?) in the spring. As part of it I wasn't allowed to use any sweeteners or drink any caffeine (not usually an issue for me). One of the amazing baristas where I was working at the time told me my usual iced tea had caffeine so she made me a Honeybush iced tea because it had a little bit of a naturally sweet flavor and was caffeine free. I'm not obsessed but started adding honey again when I moved back to allergy town.

Current Food: These bars

Current Needs: More peanut butter to make more of those bars. And acupuncture. And to get my eyebrows in check. In deeper needs, I need to practice my forgiveness. I've been a bit of a grudge holder lately. Hashtag not a good look

Current Indulgence: Um, Bravo TV....and food. I feel like I'm eating a lot but I don't think I actually am. I think it's just because I'm home more so I have the opportunity to eat more. But really probably my R&R. I am rarely one to be super lazy (even though I think I'm the laziest sometimes) but I'm starting work soon so I'm soaking up every ounce of nothingness while I can.

Current Outfit: My Guiness shorts and a tank. So?

Current Excitement: Yoga in the park tonight unless it's raining, hanging out with my sister, starting my new job and writing out the budget with T later this week. Yes, I like writing budgets. I'm going to get my life together one of these days.

Current Obsession: Crossfit. Seriously, I'm stuck in 2014. But really I watched the Crossfit Games this year because I've been following a few 'fitters on the 'gram and got so freaking obsessed with it. I've wanted to try it myself for a while but, you know, it's really hard.

Current Thoughts: Oh boy, so many. Like I said, I'm on a forgiveness train. I harbored a lot of resentment and hard feelings towards this city and a lot of the people in it. Moving to Oregon was really hard and I was hurt that my friends weren't there for me. When I first broke the news I was coming back I was expecting more than what I got and I was angry. So I hermited as I often do and sulked, then thought about it and now I'm trying the move on approach. Everyone else's lives went on when I moved just like mine did and part of being an adult and a good friend/person is to not hold that against people.


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