Monday, February 14, 2011

For the Love of Love

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the opposite of affectionate, mushy, lovey dovey, all that stuff but in honor of Valentine's Day I've decided to discuss something I love...BEING A FOSTER PARENT! I absolutely love bringing in silly little babies and helping them grow, mature, get better and ultimately find a new home.

Foster Experience #1
Little Black and Little Blonde


These pups came from LMAS where their abandoned mother was taken after being found in some park somewhere. She ended up (surprise!) giving birth to 6 babies! For those of you who don't know, puppies and kittens do not do well in kennel/shelter environments. It's like taking a newborn to the ER. It's like filling underdeveloped immune systems with very developed diseases...if that makes any sense. Anyhow, these 8 weekers needed out so I felt it my civic duty to take action. All 6 needed fosters and mom too. So long story short, I ended up with 2 pups. Little Black and Little Blonde. Little Black was a worried little boy who was all skin and bones. He was super cuddly but very sneezy and sniffly. But once let out of his crate he would instantly pick up a toy and bring it over to you. Little Blonde was a brute and I loved her for it. She was just such a bully but not necessarily in a bad way. She was just the bigger, stronger, faster sister who was always sure to eat first, drink first and have the best sleeping spots. As my first foster experience, these little ones were a bit much. So energetic and so much work considering they were sick and were NOT potty trained but in the 2 weeks I had them they matured tremendously. They were introduced to another dog and a cat and learned to use pee pee pads not to mention how much their health improved.

Please stay tuned for our next installment of Foster Love but for now my friends, I am way too tired to continue. So I'll sign off with my favorite Italian word, attraversiamo!

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