Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ibuprofen, Muscle Relaxers and Ice Cream

So it's finally happened. My first actual triathlete training injury has occurred. About a week ago, the day I had a lightbulb aha! moment in the pool and felt like I was doing a real live beautiful perfect stroke, I hurt my shoulder. No big deal. As a wannabe triathlete you really can't pay attention to every single ouchie that comes into your path. At any given time over the past 2 months or so there is always something on me that hurts. That's normal right? Not like sobbing, can't make it through the day pain but something is always at least a little sore. The worst part about the shoulder is that I've never had a shoulder injury. As a former runner, when I pull a hamstring or have a tight calf, there's no worry. I've done it before, I'll do it again and it'll heal up. But this shoulder thing? What do I doooo?! Being a good little semi-athlete I decided to take the rest of the week off from swimming. Rest, ice, ibuprofen blah blah...to no avail. Going to my trusty friends at Beginner Triathlete, they all said exactly what I didn't really want to hear, "Go to the doctor." NOOOOOOO! *ignore* *ignore* *ignore* *carry my cats to the vet* *carry boxes at work* *ignore* *ignore* *carry a desk from a house into a car, out of a car and up the stairs* *drive to work, almost cry trying to make a turn in the car* *call and schedule doctor's appointment* *immediately consider canceling doctor's appointment* *carry more boxes at work* *reach for my cup of water and almost burst into tears* *keep the doctor's appointment*

So the verdict is?! I don't know. Doctor says likely a strain of the muscles that make up the rotator cuff. Vague. X-rays came back fine which is wonderful. No fractures, breaks, cracks etc. So I am now ordered to 800mg of ibuprofen 3x day, muscle relaxer at bedtime, ice and no exercise for 5 days. In *hopefully* true triathlete fashion I pleaded my case for my other 2 disciplines.

Me: "So no swimming for 5 more days?"
Doc: "No exercise for 5-7 days"
Me: "I guess I can't bike either?"
Doc: "No. You use your arms for balance when riding and just to be safe we don't want to add any pressure or stress to the shoulder."
Me: *open mouth to continue to plead case*
Doc: "We also don't want you running either. Even something small like pumping your arms could cause added stress. Your race is in 5 weeks you said? Yeah, you will wanna play it really safe if you wanna race. Seriously, you can't overdo it."

Per doctor's orders, I'm laying on the couch eating ice cream. Maybe not exactly his orders but I mean, close enough :)


  1. :) Im pretty sure i said the same thing. hope you feel better soon

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