Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Beginnings

What a day!

I'm a creature of habit. Not sure if you know that. But as a creature of habit I try to avoid change entirely or at least make changes very slowly as not to get overwhelmed. Unfortunately that didn't quite work with the new job plus training for a new race.

I started full time at my new job on the 1st and so far it's been pretty great! There's a LOT to learn but I'm hanging in there and luckily since it's interesting I'm retaining info pretty well. The trouble is adjusting to the new schedule. For starters, I don't work the same hours everyday. I also don't have the two days in a row off over the weekend anymore and start my days much later than I'm used to. I'm definitely not complaining about being able to move 5am workouts to 7am but it does take some adjusting.

Speaking of workouts, I'm doing a lot of them. My new coach has got me going 6 days a week and the distances are a lot more than I've been used to. Over the past week I've completed my longest swim ever (2100 yards) and spent more time on my bike than I have since I've had it. (I kid...but it's still been a lot of time). I went a little too much too soon on my leg I think and it started talking to me. As not to break it again I'm once again confined to the pool for the aqua jogging Olympics until next month. It's really not so bad with just a few people around. My pool plays the radio and when I have some sprints thrown in it helps the time pass.

Ask me how I feel about aqua jogging after I do it for an hour tomorrow.

Otherwise, everything is going well. I'm just trying to adjust to a totally different schedule and work environment and balancing it with a not as intense as it will be training schedule. I'm also spending a lot of time preparing and situating food so that I don't find myself hangry. I'm already hungrier than normal and it'll just get worse. But this time I'll be prepared!

So what about you? How has 2014 treated you so far?

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  1. You'll learn to go with the flow of schedule changes....
    A coach? Only awesome people have coaches! :)