Sunday, January 12, 2014


Last night was an interesting one. I had dinner and was having a really hard time chewing because one of my teeth had been giving me trouble for a day or two.

Of course I was eating pizza so I went ahead and chewed anyway.

But then it kept hurting and I noticed it was sort of swollen too. So I got online and after ruling out the usual culprits of mouth cancer and the zombie gene I decided it was surely an abscess and infection had entered my bloodstream so I was close to death.

I called the dentist and after a few X-rays, some cash money and a brief panic attack I was in the chair about to get an impacted wisdom tooth pulled out.

The Colonel came back with me and I launched into these crazy nervous convulsions but managed to keep my head still somehow. No need to go into further gruesome detail.

So now I'm all drugged and toothless and I get to take all day today to lay around and recover.

The worst part? I'm not allowed to eat any raw veggies for a few days. 

I want carrots.


  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Best part of eating soft foods? Ice cream, froyo, and pudding!

  2. The only time I would CRAVE raw carrots would be then :)

    there is nothing as bad a tooth pain... except maybe being shot... & that would be a tight race.