Saturday, December 13, 2014

Undoing the Damage of Sitting...Take Two!

As you know, I'm still spending a large chunk of my time doing this personal training thing and last month I got the chance to teach my first workshop!

Articles are popping up everywhere about the dangers of sitting and some go as far as to say “sitting is the new smoking”. Did you know that even activities like running, cycling and group exercise classes can’t always combat those damages? Your hips, glutes, low back and neck take more of a beating while sitting at a desk looking at a computer, on the couch watching tv or in a chair playing video games than during most any other activity we perform on a daily basis.

The program I put together is called Undoing the Damage of Sitting and the folks at Louisville Strength and Endurance (LSE) were nice enough to host me. I even had my graphic designer put together some advertising pieces and it actually went pretty well.

So well in fact that I've been asked to do it again!

On Wednesday, December 17th I'll be once again teaching Undoing the Damage of Sitting at LSE and by request the time has been pushed to 6:30 pm so everyone can make it even when the work day goes a little long. I also made it easier to register which you can do through my website by selecting "Sitting Damage Workshop" from the pull down menu or send an email to rennay (dot) cooke (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd rather pay via cash or check.

Space is again limited to 10 so sign up fast and learn a few easy moves you can do with your whole office using minimal time and minimal equipment!

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