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I've been wanting to write a blog for quite a while but was waiting until I was in a great mood so it would be upbeat and fun! Unfortunately the times that I'm in a great mood are when I'm not anywhere near a computer or device and walking along some tree lined path/finding rivers/staring at mountains and incredible scenery while driving somewhere. In short, the Northwest is incredible and I absolutely love living here. BUT location alone doesn't change your entire life (although it seems like it would) so I'm still battling my regular issues of career, my ever changing mood and finances as we work on the moving rebound. Living far away is hard. It's kind of like I died. I don't yet have a busy enough life to distract myself in the day to day so not getting texts or calls or messages from my friends back east makes me feel lonely.

The show must go on and I'm sure you are absolutely dying to know what I'm doing right now so thanks to Pinterest I have a lovely set of blog post prompts to fill you in.


  • Listening: to the many fans in our apartment. Air conditioning is not common in Oregon apartments (who knew?) so we have 5 or 6 fans all going in different directions and at different speeds. They're surprisingly effective.
  • Eating: Nothing! This needs to change stat because it's basically dinnertime! Since we've been here I've been eating tons of oranges though.
  • Drinking: Water. Lots of water. My swimming stuff finally got here yesterday (the last of the boxes has arrived!) and I got so excited I threw on my suit an ran out the door to the pool. And I swam hard and then easy and then floated around and then swam hard again and after way too long realized I was exhausted because I'm out of shape and THIRSTY. And so today I'm still thirsty. Hydration station y'all.

  • Wearing: Shorts and a tank
  • Feeling: Hungry, a little bit lonely, and a little sleepy
  • Reading: The Silent Wife. I randomly found this book when I was in Tucson with my sister a couple weeks ago and dragged her into a used book store. It was on the featured table and I don't really read a ton of fiction but it caught my eye. Instead of spending the $4 on it (cheapo) I came home and downloaded the ebook from the library. I've got 19 days and 200 pages left so I'm confident I'll get it done. I have If You Have to Cry, Go Outside on the back burner until this one is done.
  • Wanting: A steady income. My current remote position isn't working out at all like it was supposed to and has really put a hurting on the wallet.
  • Needing: To get my ass up and go to the grocery store! 
  • Thinking: About everything since I have that whole overactive brain thing happening. New blog posts, what to do with my life (per usual), what to eat...etc. etc. etc.
  • Enjoying: Being lazy. I'm actually back to working out regularly again which makes the downtime feel so much better. A lot of things are up in the air right now and with the constant stress it feels good when I just ignore it all for a few minutes and do nothing.
  • Anticipating: the weekend! Working from home makes me feel kinda like a desperate housewife so I look forward to weekends when I have someone to talk to all day.
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What are you up to? Do you want to text me?


  1. I've been wondering how you've adapted.
    Love you've already found swimming pools & great running/hiking routes.
    It'll feel like home soon enough. Give it time.


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