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For the past couple of years I've dreamed of becoming a weekender, aka those people who seem like they have plans or do something fun every weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I'm doing well so far.

Working from home has its benefits for sure but a huge downfall is a lack of interaction with the outside world. If I wanted to I could quite literally never use my car all week. In fact, I could get by with only leaving the house to walk the dog and maybe get the mail. But even for as introverted and socially weird I am I still can't live like that so I make it a point to go out most days. But weekends are another story. I finally have The Colonel home to talk to me AND there's always something to do around here.

Saturday was the lazier of our days. The Colonel hurt his foot a little in kickboxing so we kept it low key. He slept late and I got up at my normal time, walked the dog then cuddled on the couch with my book for a few hours. Love. Then we went to a matinee showing of Jurassic World 3D because cheapo here refuses to pay $16 to see a movie. It was actually pretty good. I know most people were stoked about it and looking forward to it but I didn't really care. I was pleasantly surprised though and afterwards it was still early so we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge...again. This time I just wanted to drive the scenic highway and you know...see the scenes. The unexpected surprise were the waterfalls! We drove past 3 waterfalls and since it wasn't really peak visiting time, were able to park and get out to take some pics at 2 of them. The famous Multnomah Falls area was still packed so we skipped trying to get another pic of it.

Sunday we'd planned to drive out to the coast and by planned I mean Saturday night we said "Oh! We should go to the coast tomorrow!" Cannon Beach is about an hour and a half away and you get to drive on this gorgeous windy little road most of the way to the Pacific Coast Highway. The change in landscape is stunning as you go from actual strawberry fields to green green green natural forests to sad looking, depleted logging areas to the freaking beach and Pacific Ocean. All that fun in 86 miles. What a cool state. Anyway, Cannon Beach is the first of 9 or 10 beach towns to check out and I think it's one of the more popular ones too. Aside from being super cute it's also one of the few dog friendly beaches which I have mixed feelings about (Don't kill me dog lovers). We didn't bring our noble steed because she doesn't love other dogs lately and hates water and it was nice to have a relaxing time with nobody to look after. Once we finally found a place to park we walked towards the ocean hoping by magic we'd figure out how to get there. There weren't any noticeable signs telling you where the public beach areas were but we followed some random people and walked through a resort type area and found it just fine. The Oregon Coast isn't really your typical beach since it's in the Northwest and not the Southeast or Puerto Rico like I'm used to so for starters, it's not hot! Dream come true. It's also normally cloudy I've heard and sometimes foggy/misty. You know, my dream. But we somehow managed a pretty perfect day and had blue skies, sunshine and temps in the 60s. Since we were expecting something different I was unprepared to actually go in the water or anything but couldn't resist the urge. 2 steps in and holy crap is the Pacific cold! I played in it for a bit then we walked over to some of the big rocks and checked out where the puffins nest in the spring and where the seagulls were currently nesting.

Later in the afternoon the clouds and fog started to roll in but it still seemed pretty bright. We walked around and checked out the little shops before stopping for lunch. I actually managed to find and finish 2 whole beers that I actually enjoyed. Shocking! Blackberry Beauty and a guest cider from Atlas Cider Company in Bend. Our next long weekend may need to be spent #inbend.

All in all, very successful 2 days of weekending. Learned a lot about Oregon and about how awesome our new location is within the state. Also, we didn't die in a tsunami.


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