Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Days of Yoga: Day 1

So for a very long time now I've thought about becoming a yoga instructor. I really do love it and hope to someday be someone's crazy, vegan yoga instructor. The process of becoming a yoga instructor is quite daunting and can typically take around 10 years to complete. The reason is because before you can even start to think about becoming an instructor you need to actually be able to do the poses which obviously take time. That said, since 10 years is way too big of a time period for me to focus on I am starting with a simple 30 Days of Yoga (and I use the word "simple" loosely). Today was Day 1 and I gotta tell ya, I am quite far from ever teaching yoga let alone entering a real yoga studio. I used to do yoga all the time but after gaining 60 pounds the idea of being in a room with other people around while I huff and puff and move my stomach to the side to try to get into a good "Proud Pigeon" pose is just more than I can deal with. I know that no one is looking at me or paying any attention to me whatsoever but it's just that crazy, female, self conscious brain going haywire again. Anyhow, I will also try to "master" one beginning yoga pose per day/week. Since today was day one and I needed some confidence I decided to master one of the easiest poses, for me at least and that would be "Vrksasana" or "Tree Pose". It's one of my favorites for some reason, probably because I can do it, but I always feel really good after holding it for a good long while. Well, off to bingo now. I'll see you for day 2!

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