Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exercise or Die

I know, I know, I suck at blogging. But for once I have a great excuse. I'm officially training for a triathlon! I'm pretty sure anyone who actually reads this already knows that but I thought I'd tell all of cyberspace. The biggest problem with training is that I'm so sleepy by the time I sit down for the day! I get up early (around 5:30 or 6am), workout, go to work all day, home by 5:30 or 6, cook dinner, attempt to spend time with the kiddos and Tyler and fall asleep by like 9. I know, it's pitiful, pathetic even! But I just can't keep my eyes open by the time I eat dinner and sit down.

On the bright side, I've lost 15 pounds (almost 16) since I've started my real eat right and exercise lifestyle changes! I've lost inches here and there and am down to a size 12 (was wearing a 16 at my highest) and I really am proud of myself. But g-damn is it frustrating! Sometimes I just feel like I'm the only one in the world who used to be skinny. Like I'm the only one who gained a bazillion pounds after college. Obviously, I know that's not true but doesn't mean I don't have my bad days.

So for the past month I've been pre-training for the triathlon and this week started the first full week of training. Monday was a rest day which is good because after just moving over the weekend, I didn't feel like doing anything! Yesterday was a 15 minute run which I did once in the morning at the gym (p.s. I hate gyms) then went with my sister for another 15. And, like a true workout junkie I rode my bike to the park where I'd be meeting my sister then rode home just to get in a little extra practice on the bike. Today was a 5 mile bike ride which was going really well until my handlebars totally came loose and almost killed me. Shortly after my back brakes gave out. How did I get bad bike karma already?! But all is well, the bike went to the doctor and is all better now. As a side note, how crazy is it that I bought a bike and signed up for a tri without knowing how to ride said bike? When I was little my dad only got as far as taking my training wheels off before he got sick with cancer. He never got a chance to teach me to ride other than once (when I fell off and decided I was a lost cause) but luckily this time around I had my big sister to help me. THANK YOU ALEXIS FOR HELPING ME LEARN TO RIDE A BIKE!

Anyway, this is as long as I can last. So sleepy of course. Tomorrow calls for a 200 yard swim...andyogaandcrossfit...ugh, I'm such an addict!

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  1. 1. im glad you didnt die
    2. 12 is a great size bc they start having normal looking clothes at that size
    3. YOU LEARNED HOW TO RIDE BY YOURSELF. You went out all the time to practice, i just stood there cheering
    4. FINALLY A NEW BLOG!!!!! i check it once a week to see if its updated. i have been disapointed a lot
    that is all. its bedtime for me