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The Bumblebee

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know it, so it goes on flying anyway.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I heard it for the first time when I was working at The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies and it's just really stuck with me these years. As a woman who weighs nearly 200lbs (woo hoo! I don't weigh 200lbs anymore!!!!) I shouldn't be able to complete a 5k, 10k or 10 miler. I shouldn't be able to ride my bike for any miles let alone 5 without being winded. I shouldn't even be in the position to CONSIDER completing a triathlon. But I'm doing it anyway. I wish that we could all be like the bumblebee. We have no idea what we're capable of so why do we limit ourselves? If we never knew there were things we couldn't do would they become things we could do?

Enough of my philosophy for now...on the schedule for yesterday was a 200m swim. I did it after my initial CrossFit evaluation (which I loved!) and since I can't find my goggles from the move decided to swim blind and practice going in a straight line. It's amazing how hard that is to do! Anyhow, today was a rest day so all I've done is ride my bike to and from my mom's house (about a mile and a quarter away). Tomorrow calls for a run and Sunday a bike ride. Hopefully I'll keep this up!


  1. Yay blog post! I am so proud of you for doing this triathalon! Great job on your hard work and your weight loss.


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