Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleep When You're Tired, Not When You're Dead

Training for a triathlon has already taught me a lot about myself and I'm *technically* only 3 weeks in. But one of the best things it's taught me is how truly great I am at sleeping. Why don't we have races for that? Whoever falls asleep fastest gets a free tshirt, medal and footie pajamas. They say it takes the average person like 7 minutes of laying still to fall asleep. I'd say it takes me about a minute and a half...and I'm still moving to get comfortable. Maybe I have a disorder. But I think that would be called triathleitis which is greek for "one who trains to perfect 3 sports at once...and is insane." I've *almost* always been an outstanding sleeper but I've really learned in my old age how important sleep really is. It helps me lose weight, train smart and successfully, remain patient and less agitated, controls my anxiety and most of all makes every day awesome! What's funny is that I've been typing this for way too long because I'm yawning and losing focus. Must be time for the curtain call. Night night friends!


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