Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little Dose of Depression

How do you keep yourself up? How do you keep from getting down in the dumps? I'm not historically a bright, cheery and positive person but I've done some major overhauling over the past year and am really starting to turn things around. But my real question is how do you keep it up? How, after problem after problem, constant issues, stresses and disappointments, can a person continue to say "It'll be ok." "It'll get better." How many times can you say "Tomorrow will be better." when every tomorrow still isn't any better? When you get to the point where "At least today wasn't worse than yesterday." is the brightest phrase you can come up with before you go to sleep, how long can you keep that up? Having to search for a silver lining every single day isn't how someone should have to live their life. What about a day where there are less storm clouds so you don't even need to find a silver lining? I know it could always be worse, I know I need to look on the bright side. I know every cliche out there about having a positive outlook but I ask, how long can you keep it up before you crack? Before you quit? Before you give up? Before you can say, "This sucks!" and be justified?

I'm sorry for the negative post, but that's really all I can say for right now.


  1. Im sorry you've had such a hard time lately. :( I am typically an optimist, and I just try to look at what is going right. And realize that quitting will only make it worse. I really hope it turns around very soon.

  2. I wish I was commenting because I knew the answer! I feel like I've normally always been a positive person throughout my life, but is that because I haven't had a ton of hardships? Not sure. The past year was by far the toughest for me. I have to WORK to push my worries aside and live in the present. (It helps that my worries are an hour away.) I surround myself with friends and people that make me happy and I schedule outings that I know put me in a good mood (grabbing drinks after work, etc.). Lately, I have been having some days where I'm like, dang, I am being a B*TCH! So I have to check myself (chalk it up to PMS - I hope) and decide I need to get over it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. That's super frustrating. I'll run to get some endorphins to improve my mood. Last week there was a day when NOTHING could get me out of my funk. So I just went to bed and hoped the next day was better. Sorry I don't have any answer for you, but my current strategy is, "Stop worrying about things you can't change, or things that haven't even happened yet." Focus on the good: good friends, boyfriend, family, job, dogs, etc.

  3. Thanks, but you know I'm socially retarded so the whole "good friends" thing seems to escape me. I'm working hard at it though! Thanks for your words of wisdom "made coach"!