Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pioneer 5K Race Recap

Totally forgot to write a race report for the Pioneer 5K last weekend! It was my best 5K to date (aside from when I used to be skinny and a real runner) and I'm really proud of it. You can check out the results here. I got 9th in my age group out of 12 which is surprisingly good for such a small race. In big races I'm pretty sure I won't be last but in smaller races it's not outlandish to think I might be DFL in a small race. Nice to see I wasn't.

The day started off really well even though I had a sore hip flexor from a Chris Freytag workout a couple of days prior. By the way, for anyone looking for a great at home circuit workout weight loss program, Chris Freytag's 10lb Slimdown Xtreme is awesome! But as a result I had a little soreness in my hip so was a little nervous but still excited. It was exactly one week after my tri so the plan was really to just have fun and do a nice little 5K jog with my sister. Tyler was running too in his second race ever but he's faster than me so I knew he'd take off. Tyler and I got there early and met up with my sister after she did a run before the run...yeah, crazy. Long story short, it was time to go! Tyler took off as expected and Alexis hung back with me at what I thought was a nice, comfortable jog. Barely 10 minutes later we hit the mile marker. Oh Crap! I'm a slow poke. I am not a 10 minute miler. Back in my glory days I was a 10 minute miler if that gives you any indication of how not fast I am not. Anyway, upon realizing my ridiculous burst of speed I decided to dial it down...but then there was a hill...a hill that months ago defeated me on my bike. I had to defeat that hill. So I ran hard and fast to the top of that very long was then time for a well deserved break. Just before mile 2 my shins started up and they hurt a lot more coming down than going up. What did that mean? Run up, walk down. It was a good system. Miles 2 and 3 were slower (obviously) but in my last .1 I went balls out. Yeah, that's a technical term. Unfortunately I'd burned a lot of fuel in that first far too fast for me especially having just did a triathlon but who's paying attention mile so my balls out pace was not quite anything to gloat about. But when I saw I'd averaged about a 12 minute mile I was really happy! And even happier to see I wasn't last in my age group. Even better, my hip loosened up pretty well and didn't cause me much grief at all. Tyler averaged around a 10 minute mile which was great for him since he hasn't been a runner for years. It was a really fun race. The Pioneer 5K will always hold a special place for me though because 2 years ago it was my first race back in Louisville after moving back from Dallas and my first race after meningitis. It was slow. It was painful. I felt terrible. But I did it. This time it was fast(er), less painful and I felt great!

Final Results:

AG 9/12 Rennay Cooke Louisville Bib 577 Age 24
Overall 288/378 Chip Time 38:13.4 Gun Time 38:35.5


Sweaty Me and Tyler on a ridiculously humid post-race morning


I think Alexis ran the race before the race AND the race

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